Ōchi Fukuchi
Kanji 福地 桜痴
Rōmaji Fukuchi Ōchi
Personal Information
Birthday May 13
Gender Male
Professional Information
Status Active
Ability The Lion Dance
Occupation Hunting Dogs Commander
Affiliation Hunting Dogs
Manga Debut Chapter 60
Voice Actors
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Ōchi Fukuchi (福地 桜痴, Fukuchi Ōchi?) is commander of the Hunting Dogs special units and has the ability The Lion Dance.


Fukuchi is a tall, aged man donning a dark-coloured military uniform, complete with a sword and tall black boots. He has light, spiky hair with some strands falling in front of his face, along with an upwards moustache.


Fukuchi has an eccentric, boastful personality. He takes great pride in the Hunting Dogs unit's skill and reputation.


The Lion Dance (鏡獅子, Kagami Jishi?).


Ōchi first appears after coming as reinforcements to capture the Armed Detective Agency. After their arrival, Ōchi discusses their methods to track the agency. Ochi and Teruko is assigned to the Northern Station.


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