Ōchi Fukuchi (福地 桜痴, Fukuchi Ōchi?) is the commander of the Hunting Dogs special units and has the ability Mirror Lion. However, in reality, he is the leader of the terrorist organization, the Decay of Angels. [1]


Fukuchi is a tall, middle aged man donning a dark-colored military uniform, complete with a sword and tall black boots. He has a light, spiky hair with some strands falling in front of his face, along with an upwards mustache. On his right cheek are three distinct healed scars that almost resemble claw marks.


On the surface and from his introduction, Fukuchi has presented with an eccentric and boastful personality. He took great pride in the Hunting Dog unit's skills and reputation and seemed to enjoy the thought of "hunting down" criminals. He also showed a somewhat vulgar and shameless side to himself including doing disgusting things including farting, vomiting from drinking too much liquor, and stating he was still youthful by remarking his skin was still peachy on his behind. Despite this, he also showed examples of being a charismatic leader who was able to heavily influence people of all kinds.

His true personality as Kamui however, has proven to be darker and more serious than the personality he had been faking as the commander of the Hunting Dogs. As Kamui, Fukuchi still retains some of his laid back personality, however, he expresses bitterness in getting older admitting his drinking was a form of relieving his stress and he loathes that his hair is getting thinner. He also expresses relief that he will no longer have to fake such a tiring personality after the final step of the plan commences. In this personality, Fukuchi also acts more like a ruthless soldier as he challenged Atsushi in combat with the full intention of eliminating him, however, he still retains some form of honorable code as he also allowed him a fair chance between "fighting or dying" in order to grab the Page from his clutches.


Fukuchi has known Fukuzawa since their youth and they both learned the way of the sword from the same government-run school of martial arts. They also had a mutual female acquaintance named "Kin-chan" during this time. They seemed to have had a friendly, yet harmless rivalry over the years and were each other's best friend for a number of years.

However, 14 years ago, Fukuchi enlisted in the Japanese army to fight in the War where here experienced horrendous traumatic events including engaging in brutal combat with the enemy lines and torturing and killing soldiers, civilians, women, and children in gruesome ways (i.e. breaking fingers, smashing innards) under the government's command. These experiences led Fukuchi to believe he was "born on the battlefield" and held a grudge against the nation and the government for creating the hell that was war. He also held resentment for Fukuzawa for not joining him on the battlefield and experiencing the horrific events he did and stated it was the reason he and Fukuzawa split paths forever.

Despite these facts, 12 years ago, he was invited to the opening of the Armed Detective Agency where he drunk himself silly, caused a ruckus, and urinated all over the newly made Detective Agency doorplate which Ranpo saw and was disgusted by his behaviors, though it is highly implied that this was mostly an act on Fukuchi's part to hide his true feelings from Fukuzawa. Despite the shameful actions, Fukuzawa interpreted them to be a sign of grief and wailing that he had found his life's purpose one step ahead of him and that he was lonely because of that fact. It was on this day that Fukuzawa told Ranpo that he trusted Fukuchi more than anyone in the world, which reinforced Ranpo's trust in him based solely on blind faith alone, while Fukuzawa was completely oblivious to his friend's hatred and bitterness towards him.

Sometime later, Fukuchi became the commander of the Hunting Dogs and a world-renowned hero for completing difficult and high-risk missions including defeating werewolves created by an Abilities experiment, saving refugees, fighting an undead Ability user nonstop for several days and nights, and taking down vampire armies. At an unknown point in time, he became Kamui, the leader of the Decay of Angels.


Main article: Mirror Lion

Fukuchi's ability, Mirror Lion (鏡獅子, Kagami Jishi?) allows him to strengthen any weapon he holds by a 100 fold. He demonstrated this when he cut off Atsushi's leg with his augmented sword with tremendous speed and power.


Espionage: Fukuchi is a tremendously skilled actor and is able to fake a personality to the point, someone, with high observation skills as Ranpo is unable to tell he is lying or hiding an ulterior motive without fully using his Ultra Deduction technique. Although his skills are impressive, Fukuchi has admitted he has become rusty and chalks it up to his age. Back in his army days, he was known as "The Man of 100 Faces" due to his legendary skills in infiltration and espionage.


Decay of Angels Arc

Fukuchi first appears after coming as reinforcements to capture the Armed Detective Agency. After their arrival, Fukuchi discusses their methods to track the agency. Ochi and Teruko are assigned to the Northern Station.

Ōchi Fukuchi, commander of the Hunting Dogs, pays a visit to Fukuzawa while the President in custody under Fukuchi's unit's supervision. The two men are childhood friends and Fukuchi brings sake to drink with Fukuzawa while joyfully chatting about their respective lives and responsibilities. Fukuchi then sternly asks for Fukuzawa's confession in exchange for bringing a halt to the hunt for the Agency members. The President kindly refuses, and Fukuchi suddenly waves his blade only to stop an inch from cutting Fukuzawa's manacles. Indeed, Fukuzawa planned to free himself this way before taking Fukuchi's sword. The commander of the Hunting Dogs then praises the President's swordsmanship, wondering if someone who's able to draw a sword at the speed of sound like Fukuzawa is really human.[2]

When Fukuchi tries to bargain over information about Kunikida's whereabouts, Fukuzawa declines the deal once again: he deeply believes that Kunikida is still alive; otherwise he would have felt it. Fukuzawa also has absolute faith in every one of his subordinates and tells Fukuchi that as long one member remains, the Agency will never give up and is bound to win.

After the interrogation, Fukuchi is asked to become the leader of the anti-terrorism force meant for the entire world, but he is too hungover to properly listen.


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