Alexander Pushkin (アレクサンドル・プシュキン Arekusandoru Pushukin?) is a member of the Rats in the House of the Dead. His ability is known as A Feast in Time of Plague.


Pushkin wears a hooded parka on top of a T-shirt. He is mostly bald with a small tuft of brown hair that is on the top of his head. He is seen carrying a gun.


Pushkin seems to be a rather animated man who takes great pleasure in seeing strong ability users suffer. He refers to himself as a weakling, acknowledging his lack of physical strength. Despite this weakness, he appears to be proud of his ability.


A Feast in Time of Plague (黒死病の時代の饗宴, Kokushibyō no Jidai no Kyōen?) allows Pushkin to give someone a special type of virus normally with the help of another person like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ivan Goncharov.

No further details are said about the ability's virus. However, it is said that, when inserted into two people, it can cause the two people to fight each other to death. The virus inserted in the survivor will be gone and the other one dies fighting.


He was born abroad but grew up in Japan. Sometime later, he escaped a European prison called Meursault.


Cannibalism Arc

Pushkin restrained by Akutagawa.

Pushkin is first seen when he is patrolling their hideout with another colleague. He encounters Atsushi and Akutagawa, but before being able to shout, Akutagawa restrains him using his Rashomon. Akutagawa then orders them to not raise their voice or otherwise he will kill them. Pushkin then reports to his colleague that he only saw a snake causing his vitals signs to be elevated. Akutagawa then asks him the whereabouts of his employer however he tells them that he knows nothing and is just involved with the Rats in the House of the Dead for the money. Under this guise, Pushkin reveals the entrance to the Rats' hideout.

When Akutagawa and Atsushi reach the entrance, Pushkin pulls a gun on them, revealing that he is the virus ability user. He then shoots and manages to infect Akutagawa with the virus. After infecting Akutagawa with the virus, Pushkin escapes using a minecart.

Pushkin apologizes to Mori and Fukuzawa.

With the help of Goncharov, he manages to infect Atsushi Nakajima with the virus and manages to escape outside, however, the Port Mafia and the Armed Detective Agency are waiting for him. He then begs the two organizations to spare him and he will remove the virus to the both of them. Mori and Fukuzawa, however, refuse this and punch him.


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