Another (ANOTHER, (アナザー) Anazā?) is the ability of Yukito Ayatsuji. [1]


Ayatsuji's ability causes an accidental death to the target. It ignores and distorts all physical barriers. The causes of death may vary from choking, ceberal infarction, death by falling, suicide, disease, and heart attacks - in which the cause of death itself cannot be predicted and cannot be prevented or canceled out. However, the ability has only one condition to the target - they must be a criminal. Unless it is under this process, the ability will not activate and no death will happen.

Ayatsuji's ability is not controlled by himself, therefore he does not have any control over his ability once it activates. It is one of the few known abilities that Dazai's No Longer Human cannot neutralize once it activates.


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The ability is a reference to Another, a mystery horror novel by Yukito Ayatsuji in 2009. The story focuses on the newly transferred student in Yomiyama Middle School, Kōichi Sakakibara, and his meeting with Mei Misaki, who suddenly finds himself in a lopp of mystery surrounding his classmates and their sudden deaths. The novel was also adapted into a manga, anime, and live-action with the same name. [2] [3]



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