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The Armed Detective Agency ( () (そう) (たん) (てい) (しゃ), Busō Tantei-sha?) is an ability user organization.


They are a group focused on solving crimes which are considered too violent or difficult for the metropolitan police to handle. Often, these crimes are of a supernatural origin. Nearly all of the detectives within the company have their own special powers known as abilities. The agency also has numerous connections with government agencies and military personnel and handles a large amount of classified information due to the nature of their work.

The agency's licensed staff are granted police-like authority. Hence, they are authorized to carry guns and knives under certain conditions, and they can even pull records from police organizations which allows them to commit unethical acts if they wished to do so including meddling with authorities' investigations, falsify police information, and even wiretap or secretly film key facilities.[1]


Main article: Bungo Stray Dogs: The Untold Origins of the Detective Agency

The agency was founded over a decade ago by Yukichi Fukuzawa after his encounter with a certain ability user named Ranpo Edogawa.[2]


The agency has an entrance exam for new employees, to assess if they possess qualities that make them worthy to join the Agency. The test usually consists of their qualities as a detective and their emotions of whether they are willing to risk their lives to save people. In order to join the agency, the candidate must take a test that evaluates their righteousness, prowess, wisdom, morality[2] and genuineness of spirit.[1] The test supervisor watches the entrant's moves and determines whether they are a good fit to the agency.[3]

As the current president of the agency is Yukichi Fukuzawa, with all official members being affected by his ability, All Men Are Equal.

Osamu Dazai's Entrance Exam[]

Main article: Bungo Stray Dogs: Osamu Dazai's Entrance Exam

After two years of laying low following his defection from the Port Mafia, Osamu Dazai was introduced and recommended for employment to Fukuzawa by Chief Taneda, Head of the Home of Ministry Affairs, Special Division for Unusual Powers. Fukuzawa put Kunikida in charge of Dazai and his entrance exam. Kunikida decided that solving the Serial Disappearances of Yokohama Visitors Case case would be Dazai's entrance exam.

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki's Entrance Exam[]

Nothing is much known about Jun'ichirō Tanizaki's exam, except that it was described as a very harsh exam that all of Tanizaki's memories of the day ended up buried deep in his unconscious.[2]

Atsushi Nakajima's Entrance Exam[]

Before the Day of the Exam[]

Before the entrance exam, the agency members each suggest their ideas:[2]

Member Suggestion Description
Jun'ichirō Tanizaki Handle a case Look at the requests they've received from clients and pick something that Atsushi will handle
Solve an in-house issue? Let Atsushi solve a problem at the agency like clearing a jam paper or cleaning the pipes
Osamu Dazai Test Physical abilities and stamina - Have Atsushi be thrown into the Asiatic black bear exhibit and leave him overnight. If he's either defeated the bears or escaped by the time they come back the next morning, they'll hire him. If he reconciles with the bear, then they keep him on standby.
Thinking ability and problem-solving - Have Atsuhi come up with a reason to borrow a thousand yen from the old man at the Sixth District. If he can keep playing dumb for a month without paying him, they'll hire him.
If he eats four pounds of sugar in under five minutes.
Kenji Miyazawa Hideyoshi Toyotomi Get Atsushi to wrestle Kenji. If he wins, Atsushi is in at the agency.
Have Atsushi plow the field next to his house and if it leads to a good harvest come autumn then he can join the agency.
Perform one of the common rite passages like at his hometown.
Akiko Yosano Tear off eight fingers Start tearing Atsushi's pinkie on his left finger until they reach the pinkie on his right. If he can make it through all ten fingers, he's in (compromised to eight fingers).
Hazing File down his crotch and see how long before he cries.
Doppo Kunikida Crush Dazai If he takes Dazai out, then Atsushi is hired.
If he argues Dazai into silence and makes him reflect on all his misdeeds, then Atsushi is hired.
Naomi Tanizaki ****ing

Day of the Exam[]

Atsushi talking to the bomber

Atsushi talking to the bomber.

Shortly after meeting Dazai and rescuing him from a drowing at the riverbank, and meeting his partner Kunikida, Atsushi is forced into helping Dazai capture the man-eating tiger that is causing havoc throughout the city. Atsushi then learns that he is the man-tiger and Dazai decided to take him in to the agency.[4]

The morning after Dazai reveals Atsushi's ability, he is rescued from a failed suicide attempt involving a trash can and takes his charge to the Agency. Shortly after joining with Kunikida, they are informed of a hostage situation in the building and rush to the scene. When they arrive, they discover Tanizaki, acting the part of a terrorist, demanding the President's time while holding a remote control to a bomb countdown and a tied-up Naomi.

Atsushi covers the bomb with his body

Atsushi covers the bomb with his body.

When Kunikida attempts to supposedly talk him out of it and surrenders, Dazai has Atsushi, whom the assumed terrorist has never seen before, pretend to be a newspaper delivery boy and distract Tanizaki. When Atsushi babbles on about his life story, Kunikida summons a wire gun and knocks the remote out of Tanizaki's hand. Once Atsushi is calmed down, however, Naomi shoves him, causing him to fall onto the button and start a five-second countdown. His immediate response was to cover up the bomb with his own body, bracing himself for an explosion that never came. Dazai welcomed him to the Agency, much to his dismay, more or less threatening him with the costs of the apartment and cellphone they had purchased for him.[5]

Kyōka Izumi's Entrance Exam[]

Kyoka after the crash

Kyoka after Moby Dick's crash.

Kyōka Izumi's entrance exam took place at the tail end of battle with The Guild. While Atsushi and Akutagawa were fighting Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and eventually defeated him, someone hacked into the system of the Moby Dick - the whaleship the three were fighting on - and sent it to ruin Yokohama. Dazai, having foreseen this, contacted Kyōka, who was shackled in an unmanned airplane at the time. She made the Moby Dick change course by crashing the airplane she was in, into the Moby Dick, which subsequently landed in the ocean. Atsushi, Akutagawa and Melville got out unharmed by the use of parachutes. After Atsushi thought her to be dead, Kyōka emerged alive and explained that she used Demon Snow's sword to cut down the shackles and escape. This was possible due to her exam being passed right before the plane crashed and gained partial control over Demon Snow.[6]


Capture of a Man-Tiger[]

The agency captures a young man who has the ability to transform into a tiger[4] and eventually recruits him to the agency.[5]

Atsushi’s Bounty Approach[]

Agency meeting regarding Atsushi's abduction

The agency meeting regarding Atsushi's abduction.

The agency soon faces some Port Mafia members. The agency clashes with Mafia many times in attempts for the latter to capture Atsushi and have the 7 billion yen bounty over his head.[7][8][9] Eventually, during the clash, the agency got hold of a mafia member named Kyōka Izumi and her split from the mafia.[10] During the Port Mafia's last attempt to capture Atsushi, they manage to kidnap Atsushi eventually resulting to the agency to take actions to find Atsushi. The agency finds Atsushi's location and learns that he is on the way to another foreign nation.[11] Eventually, Kunikida sets off to rescue Atsushi but Atsushi decides to defeat Ryunosuke Akutagawa- eventually resulting to Atsushi's win and Port Mafia's bounty approach a failure.[12]

It was revealed that an organization by the name of "The Guild" is responsible for the 7 billion yen bounty on Atsushi.[13]

Declaration of Three-Way Battle[]

Fukuzawa meeting with Fitzgerald

The agency meets the Guild.

After the failed bounty approach, the Guild arrives at Yokohama with the goal to obtain the Book by eradicating both the mafia and the agency. The agency is visited by the Guild and attempts to buy their skilled business permit in order to legally operate in Yokohama however Yukichi Fukuzawa firmly refuses to the offer and the Guild gives them a warning. Soon, the Guild lanches their attack including kidnapping two agency members but soon were saved by the agency.[14] During the beginning of three-way battle, Port Mafia's executive Kōyō Ozaki, was captured by the agency after the Guild's consecutive attack between the two organizations.[15]

Fitzgerald, Fukuzawa, and Mori declaring the three-way battle

Fukuzawa declares a three-way battle.

Fukuzawa orders the agency members to head to Bankoudou Hall and devises their plan to protect the agency from the upcoming Port Mafia and Guild attack. Their plan consists of dividing themselves into offense and defense - Fukuzawa, Ranpo, Kenji, Akiko Yosano for the defense and Kunikida, Tanizaki, Atsushi, Dazai for the offense. Fukuzawa then declare a three-way battle stating that one organization will only survive.[15]

Atsushi meeting Q

The agency encounters Q.

The agency's hideout is however found by the mafia.[16] The agency receives a proposal from the mafia - the location and time of where will two Guild members be at but soon learns that the mafia made the agency's clerks as baits. Fukuzawa orders Kunikida and Tanizaki to set off to rescue the clerks and clash with the Guild.[17] The two successfully rescues the two clerks and eventually having the two Guild members be arrested.[18][19] The agency learns that a mafia member named Q was released, eventually putting harm to some agency members including Atsushi but Dazai is able to stop the curse with his ability.[20]

Dazai meets up with Ango Sakaguchi, an assistant counselor for the Special Division for Unusual Powers in order to get more information about the Guild.[21]

Capture of Atsushi by the Guild[]

Atsushi being restrained by the guards

Atsushi captured by the Guild.

Atsushi is pursued by the Guild.[22] This eventually leads to the Guild successfully capturing Atsushi and Kyōka's arrest by the military police.[23] Fitzgerald reveals his goals to Atsushi and the reason for taking him away - in order to to get the Book and tells their emergency plan in eradicating Yokohama.

Incineration of Yokohama[]

Main article: The Incineration of Yokohama

The Guild launches their emergency plan, affecting some agency members with Q's curse particularly Kunikida.[24] Atsushi manages to escape the Moby Dick with the help of Lucy Maud Montgomery, a Guild member. After successfully landing, Atsushi proposes a deal to Dazai to have an alliance with the Port Mafia in order to beat the Guild once and for all.[25]

Alliance with the Mafia[]

Fukuzawa and Mori meeting

The mafia and agency's original negotiation meeting.

The agency holds a secret meeting with the mafia for an alliance as suggested by Atsushi. Fukuzawa firmly opposes and instead proposes an interim ceasefire however the negotiation failed as both leaders of the organization have different views. Eventually, the agency plans to recover Q from the Guild's capture.[26] The agency sends out Dazai to retrieve Q and the mafia decides to sent out Chūya Nakahara, despite telling the agency's note of not interfering with their operation. The unit Twin Dark successfully retrieves Q and defeats the two Guild members - John Steinbeck and Howard Phillips Lovecraft.[27]

Moby Dick Infiltration[]

Atsushi successfully infiltrates the Moby Dick

Atsushi successfully infiltrates the Moby Dick.

The agency has received an invitation from a Guild member, Edgar Allan Poe. Two agency members - Ranpo and Yosano set off to the location and eventually was transported into a novel by the member and challenges them to solve the mystery in exchange for trading info on how to infiltrate the Moby Dick. Ranpo successfully deduces the mystery and obtains the intel. Dazai and Ranpo together plan the infiltration in Moby Dick.[28] Together with the help of Tanizaki and the Special Division's aircraft, Atsushi successfully infiltrates the Moby Dick.[29]

Battle at the Moby Dick[]

Akutagawa and Atsushi punches Fitzgerald

Akutagawa and Atsushi vs. Fitzgerald.

After the infiltration, Atsushi encounters Akutagawa. Atsushi learns about the Guild's plan to crash Moby Dick to Yokohama. The two faces Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and defeats Fitzgerald, successfully getting hold of the Moby Dick's terminal.{{Ref|chap=34}[30] However, someone from the outside already got hold of the terminal, continuing the Moby Dick's descent to land. Dazai, having foreseen this, contacted Kyōka, who was shackled in an unmanned drone at the time. Having heard of the situation in the Moby Dick, Kyōka volunteers to crash the Moby Dick with the drone she is in resulting to the Moby Dick crashing to the sea saving the citizens of Yokohama.

Armed Detective Agency welcoming Kyoka

The Armed Detective Agency welcoming Kyoka as an agency member.

It was revealed that Kyōka survived the crash as her having successfully passing the agency's entrance exam and being affected by Fukuzawa's ability hence Demon Snow being able to cut through the chains.[31] After the battle with the Guild, the agency holds a celebration and welcomes Kyōka as a new member of the agency.[32]

Three-Way Battle Aftermath[]

After the war, the agency goes back on taking client requests and cases. During that time, they confronted Zoopark.[33] The agency also takes on an accident case.[34] Kunikida is revealed to be the next president after Fukuzawa.[35]

Cannibalistic Mutual Destruction[]

Main article: Cannibalism Arc
Port Mafia vs

The agency takes on the mafia during the cannibalistic mutual destruction.

Both the agency and mafia's leaders succumb to a cannibalism virus by a virus ability user belonging to the organization, Rats in the House of the Dead.[36] With the only option to kill each other's leaders in order to save their own, the mafia takes on the action to eliminate the agency's president - using their main forces for an all out attack with the agency. The agency proposes a plan to the mafia to capture the virus ability user, leaving Jun'ichirō Tanizaki as their capture.[37]

Fake Pushkin gives a message to the Armed Detective Agency members

The agency captures a "fake" Pushkin.

With little remaining time to save their leader, the agency decides takes on the other mafia members on a battle. Meanwhile, Kunikida and Atsushi pursued the ability user, an escaped criminal named Alexander Pushkin. However, the agency was framed by Fyodor Dostoevsky as the person they captured was a fake Pushkin.[38][39] During the ongoing attacks between the agency and the mafia, both the leaders took the matter on their own hands and settle the dispute between the two organizations. Their battle was stopped by Sōseki Natsume instructing the two to work together in order to find and eliminate their foes.[40]

Agency and Mafia confront Pushkin

The mafia and agency confronting the virus ability user.

Thanks to Katai Tayama, they have managed to find the virus ability user's hideout. Together with the mafia, the agency takes on the virus ability user and defeats the other enemy organization's member, eventually halting the viruses on both the organizations' leaders. Together with the Guild's help, the agency locates Fyodor and is arrested by the military police.[41]

Kunikida's Imprisonment[]

Kunikida imprisoned

Kunikida imprisoned for being a murder suspect of a young girl.

After the cannibalism, Kunikida is kept in custody for being a suspect of murder of a young girl during their pursuit of the ability user, Alexander Pushkin. Ranpo, on the other hand, vows to get Kunikida out from jail as Kunikida was framed by the Rats' evidence suppressor. During Ranpo's search for the evidence suppressor, he encounters Poe who apparently is on his way to claim the manuscript he bought. Later on, the two finds the manuscript and witnesses the "fake" evidence suppressor's death whom Ranpo is pursuing.[42]

Ranpo identifies Mushitaro as the criminal (manga)

Ranpo identifies Mushitaro as the criminal behind the novelist's death and his identity as the evidence suppressor.

Eventually, Ranpo finds the real evidence suppressor named Mushitarō Oguri and also deduces in front of him his motive in killing the author behind the manuscript, recently claimed by Poe.[43] However, they weren't able to arrest Mushitaro immediately. Instead, Ranpo uses Poe's ability to show the re-enactment on why and how Mushitaro killed his friend to fulfill the latter's wish. After hearing Ranpo's speech and urging him to surrender, Mushitaro voluntarily turns himself in to the police. Eventually, Kunikida is freed from the jail.[44] Mushitaro gives a message to Ranpo through the police's speaker microphone upon the Decay of the Angel's member presence and warns him that the Agency shouldn't take on a large mission that is approaching them.[45]

Agency Terrorist Frameup[]

Fukuzawa receiving the Shikyuu award

Fukuzawa receives the "Birch Bow of Exorcism" for the agency's contributions.

A month after the Cannibalism Arc cannibalistic mutual destruction conspired by the Rats in the House of the Dead, the Armed Detective Agency receives a Birch Bow of Exorcism from the Ministry of Justice, for their contributions to the society. During this time, the agency received an emergency request from the government and learns about the Decay of the Angel being a murder society and the brutal murders that took place. Ranpo refuses to take on the request - as Mushitarō's final words to him, however Fukuzawa states that they will pursue the killer. Meanwhile, Dazai was arrested by Saigiku Jōno for accounts of his crimes.[45]

Eventually, Decay of the Angel member Gogol holds Tonan and various government officials hostage. This incident goes awry for the Armed Detective Agency due to the power of the Book. The agency takes on a move to rescue the hostages with Atsushi taking the first move; however, he was intercepted by Gogol. Meanwhile, Ranpo tries to find a clue about the Decay of the Angel's goals but sees a heavily injured Santōka Taneda. Eventually, Taneda shares his knowledge about the Decay of the Angel and the ability to obtain information by one of its group member. He further shares a page have taken from the book once the Decay of the Angel got hold of it.

The Agency framed

The Agency framed as the terrorists behind the hostage incident.

The agency members manages to arrive outside the door where the hostages are being held. Gogol starts the torture and later on, the white hoods reveals themselves to be the Armed Detective Agency, much to the latter's confusion and shock.[46]

After the frameup, the agency manages to escape from the scene using Yosano's ability in order to trick the military police that they were dead - eventually being healed by Yosano and then immediately escaping from the police. On the military police's pursuit of the agency, the government's strongest unit in the military police, the Hunting Dogs was dispatched.[47][48]

Pursuit by the Hunting Dogs[]

Fukuzawa arrested

The president of the agency, Fukuzawa, is arrested by the military police.

During this time, Fukuzawa has been arrested by the police. At the same time, the agency members put out a plan in order to escape from the military police's sight.[48]

During the agency's car escape, they are found by two Hunting Dogs members, Saigiku Jōno and Tetchō Suehiro.[49] During the pursuit and battle, the agency is saved by Chūya Nakahara's appearance who arrives by Ōgai Mori's orders. Due to Chūya's interception, the agency successfully escapes from the two Hunting Dogs. However, Tetchō still manages to reach them on air causing for Kunikida to make a decision and sacrifice himself in order for the remaining agency members to escape.[50]

Atsushi and Kyoka come out of their hiding spot

Atsushi and Kyōka come out of their hiding spot in order to escape from MP's sight.

Meanwhile, Kyōka saves and rescues Atsushi at the building where the hostage incident took place. It reveals that Kyōka had decided to go back to the building in order to help Atsushi. Shortly after, Atsushi and Kyōka manages to leave the building unnoticed. Atsushi successfully thinks of a way to prove the agency's innocence through Mushitarō, who beforehand, knew of the Decay of the Angel's scheme. In order to find Mushitarō, Atsushi needs the Eyes of God, currently in possession of Fitzgerald.

Atsushi tells Fitzgerald of the Agency's innocence

Atsushi tries to prove that the agency is innocent to Fitzgerald.

The two arrive at Manhasset Security, immediately telling Fitzgerald about the agency's innocence. Meanwhile, the other agency members including Yosano, Tanizaki, and Kenji are brought inside a mafia safe house. Mori reveals that Dazai has been arrested by the Hunting Dogs prior to the hostage incident, who is currently at Meursault.[51]


 Yukichi Fukuzawa 
Yukichi Fukuzawa (BEAST) Thumbnail
 Doppo Kunikida 
Doppo Kunikida (BEAST) Thumbnail
 Jun'ichirō Tanizaki 
Junichiro Tanizaki (BEAST) Thumbnail
 Kenji Miyazawa 
Kenji Miyazawa (BEAST) Thumbnail
 Ranpo Edogawa 
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 Sakunosuke Oda 
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 Naomi Tanizaki 
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Cases Handled[]

Main article: List of Investigated Cases


  • The Armed Detective Agency has a webpage which displays their address and their phone numbers. A Twitter account is also seen (@busou_da_jp).[52]


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