The Azure Banner Terrorist Incident is an event that killed over a hundred people. The mastermind behind the incident is the Azure King. [1]


Due to the desire of the Azure King to create his ideal world, the Azure King sent a video to a major broadcasting station. His face was covered with an azure banner and called himself the Azure King and states that he will commit an act of terror.

The terror acts are:

  • Three domestic government facilities were destroyed
  • City police's associated facility was set on fire
  • Collision with a government vehicle
  • A military post was hit by a bomb.

Killed people:

  • A murderer who was found not guilty due to prosecutor's insufficient paperwork
  • A member of the parliament who was rumored to be embezzling funds meant to aid refugees from industrializing nations
  • A military platoon that beat a young policeman to death before systematically covering up the act

The terror acts continued and the city police, military, security police tried to catch him. The Azure King got to know what they were doing so he barricaded himself in his hideout with high-explosive bombs. Only five detectives were able to arrive at the scene due to command chaos. After being driven at the corner, the Azure King set the bomb on killing himself and the five detectives including Rokuzo's father.


  • The Azure King died.
  • The five detectives died.
  • Facilities were destroyed.

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