"No matter how much we aspire to, our neighbors will fall ill, our parents will die, and only a small fraction of evildoers will see justice. Then let us realize an ideal world, not by the hand of a god, but by our own imperfect bloodstained hands."

— Azure King[1]

The Azure King (蒼き王, Aoki Ō?) was the mastermind behind the Azure Banner Terrorist Incident who targeted and destroyed government facilities. He was known as the worst and most destructive domestic terrorist threat of postwar Japan.[1]


The Azure King was a young man whose face had been obscured by an azure banner.


The Azure King was a firm believer of his ideals and described to be ambitious, resorting to any means to fulfill them in pursuit of enacting justice and cleansing society through its destruction. He lamented on the imperfection of the world and claimed that such imperfections could only be buried by other imperfections. As shown when he killed eight people who turned out to be criminals, the Azure King was shown to be willing to punish criminals who either could not be or were not punished by the law.[1]


The Azure King graduated at the top of his class from an elite educational institution, then worked as a civil servant in the executive and legislative after studying abroad.

One day, he sent a video to a major domestic broadcasting station and claimed he was going to commit an act of terror. After then, three government facilities were attacked. The military and government orders to locate and arrest him. The Azure King then knew what the government was doing, so he barricaded himself in a hideout with a large number of high-explosives. After being driven into a corner, he set off the bomb, killing himself along with the other five detectives who rushed to the scene.[1]


Azure Apostle

The Azure Apostle was the Azure King's lover. She continued the Azure King's ideal and decided to make a plan in order to punish other criminals.


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