The Rabid Dog That Doesn't Howl (吠えぬ狂犬, Hoenu Kyōken?) is the 1st chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Akutagawa, a young boy in the slums, avenges his friends' death. Coming across a man in black clothing who beats him down and kidnaps his sister. 4 years later, Akutagawa starves by a riverbank when a male named Oda takes him in.


Akutagawa cuts off the man's arm.

A group of children is attacked with one of them being held hostage with their life when Akutagawa quickly cuts his hand off using Rashomon. Carrying the injured male, they head back to their "home", which is a small run-down room with a fire in the middle.

As they chat for a while, one of them reveals a diamond. Explaining he'd witnessed some people in an armed organization talking about their illegal dealings, and after their conversation, one of the males had dropped it. Akutagawa uses Rashomon in an attempt of breaking the diamond, when it doesn't crack from Rashomon's blade, Akutagawa confirms it's real. One of them suggests the group go back to the same area in hopes of finding more diamonds.

As the group begins to head out, the very same armed organization one of them had overheard breaks in and begins shooting everyone dead. Gin quickly runs with Akutagawa to safety, Akutagawa notices Gin's right arm was injured from the attack. Gin assures Akutagawa that she's fine, Akutagawa asks about the others and Gin gives him a saddened expression. Akutagawa freezes in shock for a moment before heading back to avenge his friend's deaths, running straight towards the group of 6 who'd attacked them. Digging his fingers into a cut on his ribcage from the attack, he rubs his blood onto his face to appear injured. Akutagawa poses as a victim of gun violence to the group. Explaining he witnessed 2 males rob a government currency transport truck after killing the driver and ran away after they tried to kill him.

Akutagawa bites the man's neck.

The 6 males make a plan of robbing the truck before their meeting with the Port Mafia, asking Akutagawa where he saw the theft occur when one of them recognizes him. Akutagawa proceeds to kill them all with Rashomon brutally. Akutagawa, now injured, lays on the grass. Covered in his own and the 6 other's blood, Akutagawa asks himself aloud why he must die, when a voice answers him.

Akutagawa sees a man in black with bandages over his right eye, Akutagawa questions the male if he is with the other 6, and the man in black replies he was going to recruit him into his organization but changed his mind. Explaining he is nothing but an unintelligent dangerous animal, Akutagawa retaliates by attacking him with Rashomon but is easily beaten down. The man leaves Akutagawa unable to move, explaining he will take care of his sister until Akutagawa is strong enough to beat him.

Oda introduces himself.

4 years later, Akutagawa lays starving to death by a river. Desperate, he begins eating mugwort he'd spotted when a male comes across him. Using Rashomon to attack him, the male easily dodges. Despite the male telling Akutagawa he was only concerned, Akutagawa attempts to use Rashomon again when the male punches him in the gut and carries him over his shoulder. Introducing himself as Oda, an employee of the Armed Detective Agency.

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