Scheme (計画, Keikaku?) is the 10th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Akutagawa meets Kyoka.

Akutagawa arrives at the Port Mafia headquarters killing the guards one by one by beheading them using Rashomon. He then declares to the man in black to show himself. Akutagawa kills all the guards outside and is able to enter the building. The guards try to stop him by closing the doors but to no avail, Akutagawa is still able to cut through the doors and kill the rest of the guards. He arrives at the third floor to which he is stopped by a young girl. The young girl summons her ability and introduces herself as Kyōka, a mafia assassin. Akutagawa orders the young girl to step out his way, otherwise he will also kill her. Kyōka responds that it is alright but if he continues, he is going to fight that person. Kyōka picks up her cellphone and orders Demon Snow to kill Akutagawa.

Atsushi informs Dazai about the intruder.

Meanwhile, Atsushi informs Dazai that there has been an intruder in the building and passed the first and second levels. Further telling that all the situated members have been disposed of and describes it as an amazing feat. Dazai asks Atsushi if he knows the person to which Atsushi replies that he have seen the security footage and tells the man's name as Akutagawa, an ability user and a man he met in the cafe. Dazai takes in the information Atsushi said. Atsushi asks Dazai if he would forgive him if he asks a question. Dazai says his approval. Atsushi proceeds to ask him if the intruder is Gin's older brother to which Dazai confirms it. Atsushi eager to know the truth asks if the reason the intruder is breaking in at the moment is because of Dazai did. Dazai just silently looks back at him.

Atsushi tells Akutagawa that they will help him.

Atsushi then recalls the moment the he gave the letter to Akutagawa and as soon as he saw the contents, he exploded with emotions and suddenly showed up at the base. He then concludes that Dazai might have included the whereabouts of Gin in the letter and from the beginning, know about ability users and wanted the base to be attacked. Dazai approaches him and tells him that what if Atsushi said was right. Dazai then tells him that all of the happenings is just enormous currents no one can even grasp to stop. Atsushi asks if this was all Dazai's plan to which Dazai only give him silence. Atsushi responds that he understands and leaves Dazai's room.

Meanwhile, Akutagawa and Kyōka are engaging in a fierce battle. In the middle of their battle, Akutagawa was knocked over by Atsushi's attack. Atsushi then declares to Akutagawa that he have come to help him. He als reveals that he tried to attack Akutagawa's spine, however, Akutagawa used his ability to create a buffer between his body and the attack. Atsushi describes Akutagawa that he is a formidable enemy. Kyōka reveals her feelings to Atsushi that if she wasn't able to defeat Akutagawa, Atsushi will have to go up against him and one will lose his life. Kyōka apologizes. Atsushi reassures her that he won't die and will always by her side. Hearing this, Akutagawa says that there might be kind-hearted murderers in the organization. However, he tells them that he did his research. Akutagawa tells them that no matter how much they grasp each other with theie blooded hands, they will never feel warmth. Atsushi tells the same to Akutagawa about him and Gin. Akutagawa became furious and once again summons Rashomon.

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