Time (刻限, Kokugen?) is the 11th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Tanizaki comes to Akutagawa's aid.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa begins to attack Atsushi and Kyōka. Atushi tells Akutagawa that he can;t win since he's alone while he has Kyōka. Kyōka orders Demon Snow to protect the two of them and defeat Akutagawa. However, Demon Snow doesn't move. Kyōka looks at her phone and sees that its power if off. Suddenly, a voice can be heard saying that they are on Akutagawa's side and as well as the strongest organization ability users in the city. Tanizaki, who holds Kyōka's phone reveals himself and tells Akutagawa to break the floor and they'll be escaping. The floor breaks and Akutagawa and Tanizaki sneak past the guards with Tanizaki's ability, Light Snow. They were able to hide in a room and shows that they have taken Kyōka with them, unconsious.

Akutagawa uses Kyoka as hostage.

Akutagawa then asks the phone of Kyōka and Tanizaki reveals that Ranpo told him that Kyōka has an ability that can ony respond tovoice commands through her cellphone. Akutagawa deems that Kyōka can be useful in this case. Tanizaki then asks how could she be useful. Before answering his question, Akutagawa asks Tanizaki the reason why did he come. Tanizaki answers that it is because he is a member of the Armed Detective Agency and that they are both similar bt only have one differece, which is Akutagawa shouldn't be left alone who is risking his life to find his dying sister. Tanizaki reveals that the letter Akutagawa received at the cafe contains the date and time of her execution and it's only one hour from then.

Atsushi telling himself that he needs to protect Kyoka.

Tanizaki reveals that the president orders all the agency members to stop their activities and help with Gin's rescue operation. Although, they didn't know why the Port Mafia would send this letter. Akutagawa tells that it might be to provoke him. Akutagawa plans to go to the top floor, kill the enemies, break through traps and defeat the man in black.

Suddenly, the door was destroyed, revealing Atsushi with other Port Mafia guards and reveals that he followed Tanizaki's scent Akutagawa then the grabs the unconcscious Kyōka and orders Demon Snow to kill Kyōka one hour from that moment. He also orders Demon Snow to only obey his voice. He then proceeds to order Atushi to take him to the top floor. Atsushi panicking, orders the guards to drop their guns. Atushi then having anxiety telling himself that he needs to protect people. Atsushi then agrees to ake Akutagawa to the top floor.

Meanwhile, Dazai says that the fourth stage has been begun.

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