Reunion (再会, Saikai?) is the 12th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Atsushi leads Akutagawa to the top floor.

Atsushi leads Akutagawa to the first floor. Tanizaki tells Akutagawa to be careful while carrying the unconscious Kyōk on his back. Before leaving, Tanizaki tells Akutagawa that he is already a member of the Armed Detective Agency if he is forced to make the ultimate choice during his battle with Osamu Dazai at the top floor. Confused, Akutagawa asks the reason for him saying that at that time. Tanizaki responds that an ally of justice will rescue his little sister properly and he realized it not long after joining the agency. He further tells him that his entrance exam doesn't matter as long as he believes that he is already part of the agency. Tanizaki then bids goodbye and disappears.

Upon reaching the 10th floor, Akutagawa asks Atsushi to what extent he can lead him using his authority to which Atsushi says it is the top floor, which made Aktuagawa says that he threaten the right person. He then asks Atsushi how long since he's become part of the Port Mafia and says that he can not answer it however threatens that he can give Kyōka a death sentence right at that moment. Atsushi panics and reveals that he joined the mafia four and a half years and shares that when he was kicked out of the orphanage, someone recruited him and told him that if he joined the mafia, he would give him what he wanted. Akutagawa speculates that the man who recruited Atsushi is the man who also approached him four and a half years ago and instead chose Atsushi as his subordinate instead of him. Atsushi can't see Akutagawa being in the mafia. Akutagawa tells that he will never join the mafia and sees every member of it as sick since they are the ones who killed his companions.

Akutagawa attacks Atsushi.

The two then arrive at the 30th floor. Atsushi tells Akutagawa that everything inside Dazai's head is inevitable, hence him being unable to save his sister that time and Akutagawa can't be a good person, contradicting to what Tanizaki said earlier about being ally of justice. Akutagawa grabs him by the throat and orders to take back what he said. However, Atsushi stands by what he said telling that Akutagawa took a girl hostage while only having his own goals in mind. Akutagawa asks for his proof. Atsushi replies that ever since Akutagawa came in the building, he never once said "bring my sister" but instead "show me your boss" implying his desire to accomplish his own goals and he can't save his sister ever because he is that kind of person.

Gin appears behind Akutagawa.

Akutagawa continues to attack Atsushi, bruising him when someone stopped him. He glances over his back and finds his sister, Gin. Gin approaches them and asks Aktuagawa the reason he came and even if Akutagawa takes her from there, they will be chased forever by the mafia. In Akutagawa's thought, it doesn't matter and swears to get her back. Akutagawa hugs his sister and tells that he had gotten her back. However, Gin steps back from Akutagawa. Akutagawa is seen stabbed to which Akutagawa asks Gin the reason of it. Gin tells that he tried to kill Atsushi even though it is not necessary to save her and that Akutagawa only cares about himself. Akutagawa tries to prove himself however Gin further shares her thoughts from leaving her when he was injured, Akutagawa being consumed by his anger for revenge "that" day. Gin further tells him that if really want to save her, he should came out with a plan for revenger and not just destroying the world like he wants. However, Akutagawa wasn't able to speak another word.

Akutagawa stabbed by Gin.

Gin starts to leave, whilst saying that if she goes back, he will use her as an excuse to see her boss and destroy everything. Akutagawa tries to stop Gin however he wasn't able to. Gin reveals that she plead for his life in exchange of her, to keep him alive. Gin bids goodbye to Akutagawa. Akutagawa chases after her. Atsushi is commanded not to chase over Akutagawa. Dazai tells him about Kyōka's witness and reveals a method for the commands to be changed.

Outside, Tanizaki is seen waiting for Akutagawa when the phone starts to ring. Tanizaki hears a different voice coming from it and commands to stop the order to kill. Just then, Demon Snow appears behind Tanizaki.

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