A Certain Bomb (或る爆弾, Aru Bakudan?) is the 2nd chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Akutagawa goes to a location told by Oda, ending a bomb and hostage situation when it is revealed that it was an entrance exam. As Akutagawa, Tanizaki (the fake bomber), Naomi (the fake hostage), and Kunikida have a conversation, the scene moves to soldiers shooting something. Until a large tiger decapitates one of them.


Oda lays in the arms of a male in black clothing and bandages over his right eye, saying he wishes he could eat some curry before passing out. The bandages on the male spiral off like a tornado. Suddenly, the male in black flinches awake in an office, still wearing the bandages.

The bomber threatening to detonate the bomb.

The scene cuts to Akutagawa staring out a window, after answering a call from Oda, Oda asks Akutagawa to head to a location. As Akutagawa walks up to the location's entrance, a blonde male standing by the door, asking Akutagawa to lend him a hand with a bomber. Despite the yells of the blonde male, Akutagawa walks straight up to the bomber with a hostage. The bomber threatens to detonate the bombs and Akutagawa tells him to do it, acting on his threat, the bomber pushes the button.

Akutagawa quickly uses Rashomon to rip the bombs apart, attacking the bomber and pinning him into the wall. Akutagawa prepares to kill him when everyone reveals its an entrance exam, Akutagawa freezes when he figures out the hostage and the fake bomber are siblings.

Tanizaki apologizes to Akutaga.

Later that day, the fake bomber and the hostage introduce themselves as Tanizaki Junichirou and his sister Naomi. Tanizaki and Kunikida have a mental conversation, thinking Akutagawa seems angry with Tanizaki as he is looking at him angrily. Akutagawa asks if Naomi is really Tanizaki's sister, to which he confirms, Akutagawa replies that little sisters should be treasured. Naomi informs Akutagawa that she willingly offered to be the hostage and that Tanizaki and her were very close in a flirtatious manner. Akutagawa is relieved and makes an order to the waitress before Akutagawa and Tanizaki start a conversation. Akutagawa talks about his upbringing in the slums, his liking of tea, figs, shiruko, and dislikes of soramame, mandarin oranges, and wild dogs. Telling a story of how when he was younger, a wild dog nearly bit off his arm while he was sleeping in the slums as the backstory for his disliking to wild dogs.

Akutagawa saves the food from spilling.

The waitress then comes by with Akutagawa's order when he slips and Akutagawa quickly uses Rashomon to catch the food and the worker, Kunikida nearly pulling a gun on him from the aggressive may Akutagawa used his ability. Kunikida's mind wonders how Akutagawa completed the entrance exam but has yet to pass. The conditions to become a member is to demonstrate the discipline needed to protect others as the President of the Armed Detective Agency's policy, Akutagawa has only been preliminarily accepted, and it's up to Tanizaki and Kunikida to asses whether or not he is truly able to take on the job. Suddenly, Oda walks into the cafe. Kunikida scolds him for being tardy, asking where he was. Oda explains he was having a conversation.

Tiger beheads the soldier.

The scene moves to a warehouse, a large group of armed men yelling and shooting towards darkness in a panic. Some telling others not to shoot to protect their allies, while another yells "it" is immune to bullets. As they continue to yells on what to do, a large tiger appears and decapitates one of them by biting their head off. As they continue to shoot, they are all killed in a flash, leaving one alive. The remaining male asks if everyone is actually dead in shock when a voice answers yes to his rhetorical question. Suddenly, a young boy with white hair appears before the remaining survivor, the reaper.

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