The White Reaper (白い死神, Shiroi Shinigami?) is the 3rd chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


The remaining survivor stands before the white reaper, recalling the rumours that the white reaper is an adolescent boy. The male quickly continues to shoot at the reaper, quickly he dodges and grabs his neck. Recounting how they were here to assassinate the boss of the Port Mafia, how if they were all professionals at assassinating, then the boss is a professional at being assassinated. The reaper explains every day, expert assassins go at the boss's neck with no avail, unable to pass the first floor's lobby.

Kyōka sneaks behind the soldier.

In desperation, the assassin reveals a detonator that would explode the entire building if activated. Saying he knew he can't win now, but if he kills him he wouldn't lose, a soldier's way of dying. The reaper asks if he is afraid of dying, saying he himself fears death and injury, so he became a reaper. To become one with death so death can't find him. The assassin asks if he would panic if he activated the detonator, pressing the button. Yet, nothing happens. Suddenly, his fingers are cut off and a knife his pressed to his throat. A young girl with purple hair asks the reaper if she can kill him, the reaper says there's no need, explaining the boss needs one of them spared to tell their higher-ups that their plans were foiled easily.

The assassin recognizes the girl as Kyōka Izumi, a killer of 35 people. Confused on how she is still with the mafia after the rumours of her betrayal, Kyouka replies she did indeed betray the mafia, but came back for the reaper. The reaper then recounts the assassin talking about a solider's way of dying, in respect, the reaper said he would use all his power to take his life. The assassin is grateful, asking for the boy's name. To which he replies Atsushi Nakajima.

Atsushi bleeding due to his collar.

As Atsushi and Kyouka walk through the streets, Atsushi suddenly kneels down, wincing in pain with blood dripping down his neck. Revealing a thorned collar around his neck, Kyouka advises Atsushi to take it off, but Atsushi refuses. Explaining the pain is needed to control the tiger's strength, to keep the tiger from taking over. The Black Lizard comes across them, Atsushi thanks them for guarding the area. Hirotsu tells Atsushi to seek treatment at the base and report to the boss afterwards, going on to explain how they knew about the bombs and had Kyouka take care of them. Atsushi heads to the boss, Dazai.

Oda arrives at the cafe.

The scene moves to Kunikida scolding Oda on the rookie he'd referred, Oda sitting down after ordering a curry, pay no attention to Kunikida's yelling. Oda explains he was late because he was stuck in a conversation with an old lady, Kunikida tells Oda to excuse himself at some point. Oda explains they don't take his words seriously, Kunikida replies that it is difficult to tell when Oda is serious, and he should make an unpleasant expression. Oda says he does, and shows Kunikida, to which Oda's expression stays exactly the same. Tanizaki introduces Oda as Oda Sakunosuke, explaining he joined the agency 2 years ago and he'll be Akutagawa's mentor. Oda's curry then arrives, after taking a bite, Oda goes to the waitress to make the curry spicer when Akutagawa cuts his neck.

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