Target <First Part> (標的 <前編>, Hyōteki <Zenpen>?) is the first part of the 4th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Oda and Akutagawa attacking each other.

Oda sees seconds into the future, Akutagawa cutting his throat, as he goes to ask for spicer curry, Oda uses his spoon to block Rashomon piercing his neck. Oda apologizes to the waitress when Oda hands Kunikida his curry, right before Rashomon impales the table on and around where the plate was. Akutagawa continues using Rashomon to attack Oda, Oda easily dodging each attack with ease when Kunikida yells over the commotion.

Oda stops Akutagawa.

Oda explains that at the riverbank he had found Akutagawa at, he had fended off Akutagawa's attack, making Akutagawa wanting him to teach him how to attain such power. Oda didn't know how to train someone and told Akutagawa he would mentor him if he came to work with him, after Oda's explanation, Akutagawa continues to attack oda to no avail over Kunikida's protests. Akutagawa blows Kunikida's words off and Oda suddenly presses a spoon into Akutagawa's neck, telling him he's done enough.

Naomi telling Akutagawa that the agency will find her sister.

Akutagawa calls Oda amazing before calmly sitting back down, Kunikida asks who Akutagawa's mortal enemy is. Oda explains Akutagawa wishes to kill 2 people, that is why he is honing his ability. Akutagawa says one of those 2 people is a male whose face he does not know, to which Akutagawa calls him the man in black, the man who kidnapped his little sister. Tanizaki is surprised, and Naomi asks if Akutagawa has an idea of where his sister could be. Akutagawa says that no matter if she is dead or alive, he will find her. Naomi chuckles and reassures Akutagawa that if he is searching for his sister, there isn't any other organization in the world that is more suitable to help him. Saying that after all, that person is in the agency. Naomi says that the agency can certainly find Akutagawa's sister and that they should get going to introduce Akutagawa to the world's greatest detective. Kunikida interrupts, saying there is something that needs to be done before that, referring to the casualties Rashomon had caused to the restaurant.

The scene moves to Atsushi walking down a hallway with armed guards along the walls.

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