Target <Second Part> (標的 <後編>, Hyōteki <Kōhen>?) is the second part of the 4th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Dazai and Chuya

Atsushi stands before a large double door, telling the boss that it's Atsushi, coming in regards to his summons. A voice replies enter and Atsushi pardons himself, a male wearing a fedora telling him to compose himself. Dazai tells [[Chuuya it's alright, praising Atsushi's work as he bows down, thanking Dazai. Chuuya yells to Atsushi, saying he should call Dazai boss, crushing the floor beneath Atsushi into a small crater. Dazai tells Chuuya it's fine and he wants to talk to Atsushi alone. Chuuya yells that who it is, someone meeting with Dazai is the exception. Dazai says that Atsushi is a reliable subordinate and it doesn't matter, Chuuya throws a fit, asking Dazai what he would do if Atsushi was being controlled by ability, or had a bomb planted into him unknowingly, saying he wouldn't allow them to meet alone.

Chuya gives a warning to Atsushi.

Dazai suddenly looks over to Chuuya, telling him that he isn't seeking his permission. Dazai raises his finger to Chuuya's lips and tells him that he is the boss and Chuuya is an executive and that his orders are absolute and Chuuya needs to respect that hierarchy. Chuuya storms off, telling Atsushi he wouldn't forgive him if he let the boss die because he is going to take his life one day. The door slams shut behind Chuuya and Dazai explains with a smile on his face that Chuuya hates him to a point where he wants to kill him, but he also needs to protect him as the boss. Saying it's entertaining to watch Chuuya struggle like that, but he took it too far this time. Dazai and Atsushi talk about the assassins he had taken out, Dazai then going on to Atsushi's next mission. Dazai talks about how Akutagawa has joined a detective agency, now having entered phase 2 of the plan and it's time to start preparations for phase 3. Confused, Atsushi asks that Dazai is talking about. Dazai replies its the master plan, and that he is counting on Atsushi to slaughter the enemy without batting an eye, fearlessly.

Atsushi's past killing.

Atsushi explains he cannot be fearless, saying he is a coward. Being shot at by guns, spilling his blood, Atsushi says it's very scary. Dazai recounts how Atsushi continues to massacre soldiers without showing emotions, to which Atsushi agrees, explaining that although he fears the battlefield, his body doesn't break a sweat ever since that time. Dazai asks if that time was when Atsushi ignored his orders and acted on his own, to which Atsushi freezes in fear, a flashback of his orphanage director injured coming into view. Dazai talks about how Atsushi is a coward, and his former fearful self would have searched for an escape route in front of the enemy. yet ever since that day, Atsushi had changed. Dazai asks Atsushi why he thinks that is, saying the best way to drown out fear is with more fear. Atsushi becomes fearful and frozen, holding his head in his hands. Dazai asks if Atsushi still can't escape his fear of his death, Atsushi goes into a panic, telling Dazai he isn't afraid. Atsushi begs Dazai to give him his orders, saying he will never go against his orders ever again.

Dazai believes Atsushi, going on to request a map from Gin. A young female wearing black clothing hands Dazai a piece of paper. Dazai explains that Atsushi's next target is the Armed Detective Agency.

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