Conditions (条件, Jōken?) is the 5th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Ranpo is seen talking to Fukuzawa whether he is sure about giving his stamp of approval without any conditions. Fukuzawa responds yes and proceeds to stamp a certain card.

Ranpo refusing the agency members' request

At the agency office, the agency members ask Ranpo for help to look for someone. However, Ranpo refuses and says that it is too much work. Tanizaki then tells that Akutagawa has been separated from his litte sister. After telling this, someone speaks that Tanizaki really can't stay silent when it comes to a little sister's happiness. It was Yosano together with Kenji arriving at the agency office.

Yosano then asks what happen to Akutagawa's little sister and Tanizaki replies that she was kidnapped by someone called a "man in black". Ranpo then asks if it was the face or his name. Akutagawa replies that it is unknown but says that if he is able to hear his voice, he will know for sure. Ranpo then loudly expresses his thoughts as to why the world is full of idiots and ignorance and misdirection and tells Akutagawa that despite him being the world's greatest detective, he does not investigate cases that do not interest him and it's Akutagawa's problem to find his sister.

Akutagawa after knowing his sister is alive

Akutagawa firmly replies that Ranpo does not need to investigate and will find his sister on his own. Ranpo then brings out an approval card. He then tells Akutagawa that he heard that he looking for someone and knowing that, Akutagawa will eventually consult him. Ranpo reveals that he had already finished the investigation and already has an idea of where Akutagawa's sister is and tells him that his sister is alive. Akutagawa then grabs Ranpo's collar and asks where she is. Ranpo replies that that's the purpose of the approval card and Akutagawa should explain his situation to each agency member and have everyone's stamp of approval.

The president's stamp is already on the card and the instructions are written on the back. Ranpo then informs that Akutagawa can only receive a stamp of approval in exchange for the agency members' requirements. Akutagawa then asks the reason why Fukuzawa already gave his approval. Ranpo says that it was the president's idea and he can't disobey it. Tanizaki then proceeds to stamp the card and tells Akutagawa that if he is in his position, he wouldn't be able to wait long enough to complete the card and gives him advice that if he sees the man in black, don't go easy on him. Kenji then approaches Akutagawa and tells that he needs Akutagawa's help with basic farm work.

Kenji and Akutagawa arriving at the rice field

The next day, Kenji and Akutagawa are at a rice field. Kenji then teaches Akutagawa how to plant rice. Kenji says that it will take two weeks at most to finish the work. Despite the long period, Akutagawa accepts to do the job since he is the one who says he'd pay the price. On the fifth day, Akutagawa uses Rashomon to plant rice. While working, a man named Tanaka appears and asks Akutagawa in a duel in rice planting. They proceed to plant rice with Akutagawa using Rashomon and Tanaka-san using the rice-planting machine. Akutagawa wins and shakes hand with him.

Kenji and Akutagawa continue to work in the rice field. However, on the tenth day, the rice became withered. Akutagawa then spots a truck dumping waste containers near the rice field and attacks it. Kenji stops him and tells him that killing people is bad and as long as they have the waste containers, the agency can track them. The next day Kunikida informs the two of them who is behind the illegal dumping and reveals that it is a industry-leading pharmaceutical company in the world of mass-produced pharmaceuticals. Kenji then smiles says that it can't be helped but at least the rice paddy is fine and tells Akutagawa that they should continue the rice planting. However, Akutagawa does not respond and rushes out at the agency office.

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