Half (半分, Hanbun?) is the 6th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Akutagawa tortures the guard.

Akutagawa arrives at the pharmaceutical building. Guards are seen dead at the building. Akutagawa threatens a guard and asks about the one responsible for dumping the illegal waste to the rice fields. The guard replies that it was the president of the company itself who ordered the dumping. Akutagawa then asks the location of the president's office and proceeds to go there. Just as he was about to go to the office, he was stopped by Oda, Tanizaki, and Kenji Miyazawa. Kenji then suggests for them to go back.

Akutagawa and Kenji are back at the ricefields. Kenji started talking and describes the whole event as adorable since natural disasters like floods, frost, drought, and infestation are more brutal and irrational. He further shares to Akutagawa that due to the disasters, al the hard work that has been spent for most of the year suddenly disappeared overnight. He reassures Akutagawa that they still have time and if the agency manages to prove that it was illegal dumping, they can sue them, unlike natural disasters. Akutagawa then accepts that he cannot accept that thinking, asking Kenji if they will just forgive the ill doings as long as they pay for it. He then tells that there is only one way to get rid of all ill in the world which is revenge or so he thought and apologizes.

Akutagawa upon hearing Kenji's word.

Akutagawa and Kenji then stops walking and stared at the ricefields. Kenji starts to talk that some things grow and disappear just like how grass grows and withers and how animals give birth then die. Kenji then tells Akutagawa that by living on the land, one can understand that nature is made up of halves and that bad things and good things are all part of nature. Akutagawa then says that he doesn't understand how blessings and casualties are both equal halves and ask Kenji if he can say those to his friends who died in the slums. Kenji, with a smile, replies that that is the reason why Akutagawa still has his half and reassures him that he will find his sister. Kunikida then arrives at the ricefields only to fin Kenji and Akutagawa bonding.

Akutagawa receiving a stamp from Kenji.

Back at the agency, Kenji gives his stamp to Akutagawa. Kunikida arrives and was asked the status of the illegal dumping case. Kunikida states that the case has been wrapped up and that the men who dump the waste gave the company right away and all that is left to get a warrant. Akutagawa curiously asks the reason why the criminals confessed that easily. Kunikida replies that no one in the city wants to anger Kenji. Kunikida then follows his statement by asking Akutagawa is he is ready for Kunikida's favor and tells him that he will appoint him to the disciplinary committee.

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