Obstacle of Ideals (理想の壁, Risō no Kabe?) is the 7th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Kunikida in front of Akutagawa's room.

Kunikida who has heard of the approval card had decided already what to ask of Ryunosuke Akutagawa. At 6:30 a.m., Kunikida arrives at the agency dormitory and arrives at Akutagawa's front door. Kunikida then yells and orders Akutagawa that it is time to leave for work and he should be awake two and a half minutes ago, and for the next few weeks, Akutagawa needs to move in accordance to the schedule Kunikida laid out for him including 22 minutes to have breakfast, 18 minutes to get ready, 16 minutes and 30 seconds to commute to work and after 6 minutes and 10 seconds of setting up, work begins. Akutagawa then calls out Kunikida from the rooftop.

Akutagawa looking at the city's scenery in the morning.

Kunikida is shocked to see Akutagawa being up already to which Akutagawa says that he is a light sleeper and thought he'd take the city's presence in the early morning. Akutagawa then hurriedly goes down. Kunikida then asks him about his breakfast and Akutagawa responds that he doesn't need it. Kunikida insists and says that breakfast is a fundamental part of each day and skipping it will hinder his performance. While Kunikida continues to talk, Akutagawa is already at the gate and ready to leave.

Kunikida activates his ability to capture Akutagawa.

It is revealed that Kunikida's problem at the agency can be summarized into one sentence in which is "The members of the agency are too lax." Kunikida then thinks that this is an opportunity for him to make Akutagawa a part of the discipline committee to create the ideal agency. While pondering his thoughts, Kunikida used his ability, The Matchless Poet to summon a wire gun and capture Akutagawa. He then restates to Akutagawa that if he wants his stamp, he needs to accept his terms.

Upon arriving at the agency office, Akutagawa is ordered to organize the previous day's documents and check internal memos and to finish his tasks down to the last minute. Akutagawa then speaks up that he doesn't like paperwork and rather asks for enemies since he would rather cut up enemies rather than poorly fighting with documents. Kunikida then orders Akutagawa that he'll memorize the protocols of work behavior and introduces their first case for that day which is to expose child trafficking.

Kunikida then glances at the child who is a witness of the kidnapping and tells Akutagawa about him and to properly question him since the child is only two years old. Rather than asking properly, Akutagawa grabs the child and forces him to speak and threatens that he will drop him if he doesn't speak. Kunikida interrupts and stops Akutagawa. Akutagawa then leaves. However, before he leaves, Kunikida teaches him about social skills including work formalities which are to have a report for the work he had done that day. Akutagawa then approaches Kunikida saying he is done but failed to make a proper report.

Akutagawa hides from Yosano.

One day Kunikida is looking for Akutagawa but can't find him anywhere. Tanizaki asks him what is the problem. Kunikida replies that Akutagawa escapes from his paperwork. Tanizaki then points Akutagawa's location to which he is hiding under a desk. Kunikida asks him what he is doing under the desk to which Akutagawa replies that he is hiding from Yosano-sensei since her condition is for Akutagawa to be healed 40 times. Akutagawa agrees however Yosano used a meat cleaver and chainsaw. Kunikida then talks about their work and that they are behind schedule. Akutagawa replies that the culprits are in the next room. Hearing this, Kunikida rushes to see that the criminals have been captured.

Akutagawa surrounded by the orphans.

Akutagawa is seen training with Oda. After training, Oda says that he will be treating Aktuagawa to udon since he did a great job at his tactics. However, Akutagawa says that if he is going to give him a reward, he would like to receive his stamp since his and Yosano's are the only ones left. Oda asks Akutagawa what he will do in Yosano's condition to which Akutagawa replies that he will figure it out. Oda then tells them he will be gone on a business trip and would like Akutagawa to take care of the store to which Oda knows the owner. Akutagawa then arrives at the store and is surprised by the children to which Akutagawa states that Oda deceived him

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