The Beast Called Myself (己という獣, Onore to Iu Kemono?) is the 8th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Akutagawa approached by the orphans.

Akutagawa is actively welcomed by the orphans upon arriving at the place Oda entrusted to him. The orphans gathered to Akutagawa in which he cannot do anything about it. In the middle of the fun, the owner tof the restaurant whom Oda is acquainted with arrives and apologizes to Akutagawa for the trouble and tells him that since Oda will be gone on a business trip, he is worried but anymore from the looks of it. The children continue to play with Akutagawa's Rashomon in which he transformed as a slide for the children to play with.

In the middle of playing, Akutagawa calls Oda and demands him that he wants to stop playing the children. Oda replies that he understands Akutagawa's request but he will have to do decline it. Akutagawa then asks the purpose of the children in the agency and how Oda get them to which Oda replies that it is a secret and tells him that he sent the owner a letter entrusting Akutagawa to cover for him during his three-day absence leave. On the first day, the children play at the playground. By the end of the day, Akutagawa is tired and refuses to eat because of tiredness.

Akutagawa at the parent visit.

The second day is a parents' visit. Akutagawa accompanied one of the orphans in the school as their parent. At the class, the teacher asks her students who can read the kanji at the board to which no one answered. Akutagawa sees Sakura tries to mumble something and raises her hand with the help of Rashomon for her to be able to answer the question. Sakura shyly replies that the answer is “house” to which the teacher regards as correct. Sakura looks back at Akutagawa and blushes slightly.

Akutagawa trains Kosuke.

The third day is combat training. Kosuke serves a meal to Akutagawa at the restaurant as a thank you gift for playing with them. Kosuke then brags that he made the recipe himself to which Akutagawa asks if he wants to become a chef in the future. Kosuke responds that Oda is a like a big brother to him, and he wanted to be strong like him, enough to join the Armed Detective Agency. Kosuke then tells Akutagawa that he served him a meal in exchange for a combat training. The two then starts to train. While training Kosuke who is badly injured, Akutagawa tells him that he might appear as winning but Oda will tear him from limb to limb if he had to face the burden of arranging a funeral for his brother. Akutagawa then gives Kosuke a chance to attack him.

Kosuke, without hesitation, charges to Akutagawa in fast pace however Kosuke failed to attack him. Akutagawa then tells Kosuke that he hate weak people and tells Kosuke not to compare himself to Oda since he won't become like him even in the end of his life. Kosuke rejects Akutagawa's statement. Suddenly, Akutagawa points a gun to himself to which he states that he also hates guns. He starts to shoot but blocks the bullets with his Rashomon. He tells the reason he hate guns is that his group of friends in the slums were shot by guns. He then throws the gun and tells Kosuke that weak people don't have the privilege to determine one's actions and next time he will kill him.

Atsushi arrives at Cafe Uzumaki.

Oda arrives. Akutagawa approaches Oda and tells him that he will never do the job again and tells Oda to do the beating to Kosuke himself since it won't be difficult for him because of his ability. Akutagawa then tells Oda that Kosuke made him a meal and tells Oda that Kosuke might be an actor for action scenes but being a chef would be the better option for him. Akutagawa further tells Oda that Kosuke is not suitable for fighting and people like Kosuke will just end up in a coffin sooner or later. Oda responds that they should puruse passion and the beast inside themselves pushes them to get back up and make an effort to be calm but tough. Akutagawa then asks Oda of the point of having that conversation - to review Akutagawa's own actions before going on a rampage on the man in black. Oda responds that he wouldn't go that far the change someone's mind.

At the Café Uzumaki, Akutagawa is seen staring at his daily report sheet. Akutagawa contacts someone. Meanwhile, Atsushi appears at the front door of the café.

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