Encounter <First Part> (邂逅 <前篇>, Kaigō <Zenpen>?) is the first part of the 9th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Akutagawa notices Atsushi enter the cafe.

Atsushi arrives at Café Uzumaki. Meanwhile, Akutagawa ends his call with Kunikida. Atsushi sits beside Akutagawa and orders coffee. He then approaches and asks Akutagawa if he said "detective agency" at the phone since he heard him talking. Akutagawa replies to him that he is a member of the detective agency. Atsushi then shares that his boss ordered him to deliver a letter to the president of the agency but he's lost and added the raining weather, he needed to take shelter. Akutagawa responds that the agency is at the fourth floor of the building to which Atsushi gave his thanks to him.

Atsushi and Akutagawa having a conversation.

Atsushi's order then arrives, he then adds three sugar cubes of sugar. Akutagawa glances at him which made Atsushi embarassed saying that he can't help himself and since it was a precious thing in the place where he grew up. Akutagawa responds the word "orphanage" in which Atsushi curiously asks how did Akutagawa know it. Akutagawa replies that by concentrating on the pecularities of a person, one can assume the neglect that has been done to the person and tells Atsushi that he also grew in the same environment and he shares that hw uses four sugar cubes in tea. They then begin to share the environment and traiditions in an orphanage like the competition to get pencils and books and the worth of cholocate bars. The two then laughed about their stories.

Atsushi and Akutagawa attacks each other.

Atsushi then decides that he can give the letter to Akutagawa and asks his name to which Akutagawa replies and asks Atsushi's name also. Akutagawa then receives the letter and asks who sent the letter to which Atsushi responds that it is written on the letter and he will know it once he reads it. However, Akutagawa decides to check the letter to make sure it was safe. He then proceeds to open the letter and saw a picture of her sister. Akutagawa then asks Atsushi if he knows the person at the picture. Atsushi replies that it is "Gin-san". Akutagawa then begins to laugh and tells himself he would have been the fool of century if he didn't look at the contents before giving to the president.

Atsushi asks him if he knows who she is to which Akutagawa angrily asks where she is and if Atsushi won't tell him, he will kill him. Atsushi then suddenly scrapes Akutagawa's neck and tells Akutagawa that their organization has a rule in which if a person asks about Gin's whereabouts, they should eliminate them. He also tells that since Gin is the secretary of their boss and stays with him 24/7, targeting her is equal to threatening their boss. Akutagawa then starts to attack Atsushi telling him that she is his sister.The two begin their battle and attacks each other. Atsushi then retreats saying that it's not a good idea for him to fight directly under the enemy's base and he hasn't reported to his boss and leaves the cafe. Meanwhile, Akutagawa collapses due to blood loss.

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