Encounter <Second Part> (邂逅 <前編>, Kaigō <Kōhen>?) is the second part of the 9th chapter of the Bungo Stray BEAST manga.


Akutagawa wakes up in the agency infirmary.

Akutagawa is seen heavily injured after his battle with Atsushi. He then begins to think how he hated the world and how that hatred is the cause he lost his little sister. He then wakes up in the agency infirmary and sees Yosano and gives him the stamp card with all of the member's stamp approval. She then tells Akutagawa to follow her and will show something to him. Akutagawa goes to the conference room and sees the other agency members sitting.

Kunikida proceeds to show him a video of a meeting between two leaders of organization four years ago. Kunikida introduces Santōka Taneda, the head of the Special Division for Unusual Powers and Osamu Dazai, the head of the illegal organization, Port Mafia. Kunikida further tells Akutagawa that it was a video secretly recorded by the Special Division and Ranpo found out that it was being kept as a top secret by the government. Akutagawa asks where is Ranpo to which Kunikida responds that he has another job but tells him to show the video to Akutagawa.

Kunikida showing the video meeting between Taneda and Dazai.

Tanizaki reveals that it was Oda who got the video, together with Ranpo's ability, they infiltrated the institution that took them three days. Kunikida proceeds to point out somehting in the video to what may appear as a regular glass of wine. However, Kunikida reveals that it is used to eavesdrop using the directivity of luminous flux waves and further tells that it is a technology that can pick up vibrations from the reaction of sounds from it and an agent managed to successfully record the meeting from a great distance. Kunikida then plays back the video and the audio from the meeting can be heard. Taneda is seen talking about needing to bring back a gift for the officials of Home of Ministry Affairs and would happy to see Dazai's head on their platter. On the other hand, Dazai rejects the idea saying that his head isn't worth that much and compared to Mori's predecessor, he is a new boss. Taneda replies that he obtained the position by assassinating Mori.

Tanizaki tries to stop Akutagawa from going to the Port Mafia base.

Akutagawa then bangs the table and becomes enraged saying that he cannot forget the voice of the "man in black". Akutagawa asks the location of Dazai to which Kunikida tells him that Ranpo maight have an idea to where his location is. As Akutagawa's anger explodes, Kunikida calms him and tells him that they know his location bu they can't get close to him since he is on the top of the Port Mafia headquarters and even some organizations who hate the Port Mafia, like army platoons with heavy tanks, ability users with trained combat, they can't climb the building and tells Akutagawa that if he goes, he will die. This statement of Kunikida doesn't waver Akutagawa's anger.

Akutagawa tells Kunikida that it doesn't matter since he met an ability user in the coffee shop and has a picture of his litte sister and tells him that she is the boss's secretary. Akutagawa tells him that the man he met at the coffee shop might report to his boss and might find out that he tries to find his sister and if the boss knew about it, they might evade him by threatening to kills his sister. Akutagawa persists to go. Later then, Akutagawa arrives at the entrance of the Port Mafia.

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