Mushitaro At That Time (その頃の虫太郎, Sono Koro no Mushitarō?) is a bonus chapter from volume 18 of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Poe welcomes Mushitaro to his mansion to provide him shelter during the manhunt for Ranpo and the rest of the Agency. Poe has prepared writing tools for Mushitaro in his study to write an interesting mystery given his vast knowledge for crimes. Though Poe sees this as a way to keep Mushitaro occupied inside the mansion, Mushitaro refuses to write. He heads out of the study never to set foot there again, only to find writing tools in all the other rooms, including the dining room, the living room, and even the bathroom.

Yokomizo bugs Mushitaro while writing a mystery.

At night, Mushitaro decides to sleep, where Yokomizo appears to him in a dream. He commends Mushitaro for being delightful the past few days with his new friends, even if he is not there with him anymore. Mushitaro awakens from his sleep crying, wondering why Yokomizo still keeps appearing in his visions. He remembers how Yokomizo always loved locked-room mysteries, making Mushitaro think that he might find his friend once again if he writes one. Initially hesitant, Mushitaro ends up writing drafts for a mystery, though he struggles. Along the way, Yokomizo appears to him and calls out his various writing lapses and errors. In the end, Mushitaro bickers with Yokomizo for his interruptions, which Poe witnesses upon taking a peek at his guest. He then states that people write because they can always see whoever they wish to see if they immerse themselves in their stories.

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