The Boswellian (ボズウェリアン号, Bozuwerian-gō?) is a special passenger ship.


The ship is used by distinguished visitors sometime during the conference of country ambassadors and VIPs to discuss the Supranational Armed Defense Force. It consists of several rooms where each country ambassador's guards stay.[1] It also contains an emergency submarine pod reserved for VIPs to flee in case of a maritime robbery aboard the ship.[2]

At some point, Ryunosuke Akutagawa infiltrated the ship and disguised himself as a crew member.[3] Later, Ōchi Fukuchi, Ranpo Edogawa, and Atsushi Nakajima infiltrated the ship to hide in it from its erstwhile destination, the Yokohama Sea, to its arrival point.[1]

The ship, specifically its deck, later turned into a battlefield for Atsushi's and Akutagawa's fight with Fukuchi. Akutagawa initially sets off a bomb in the ship's engine room to halt its sail. In the ensuing battle, the ship acquires considerable damage from Fukuchi's attacks, including breaking its handrail and slicing through its bridge.[4]


  • In the English language, the term "Boswellian" is named after Scottish biographer James Boswell and is often related to a constant companion who observes and records such observations in print.[5]


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