Bram Stoker (ブラム・ストーカー, Buramu Sutōkā?) is a member of the Decay of Angels.[1]


Stoker has a vampire-like appearance which includes having fangs. He has long wavy hair that reaches below his shoulders. He also has a distinctive triangular-shaped pointed ears similar to elven ears. Two scars can also be seen on his face, one on each side of his face, and there are distinct markings beneath his eyes. He has no lower body ever since Ōchi Fukuchi severed his head from his body, but a Sword of the Holy Cross can be seen attached to his lower body.


Stoker appears to have a disdain towards insolent people. After being dubbed as a calamity eight years ago, he decides not to add any more to his kin and finds no interest whatsoever in joining Fukuchi's scheme of inflicting the world with chaos. However, when threatened, Stoker ends up obeying Fukuchi's orders regardless how much he does not wish to go against his personal vow of turning no one else into his kind.


Stoker's ability name is currently unknown. However, it is an infection-type ability which turns whoever he bites into a vampire. It also makes the victim the next aggressor. The infection rate of the ability is fast, in which it surpasses the speed of the South American werewolf incident.


In the past, Stoker was an earl in Northern Europe. Despite formerly being a human, his cells had been mutated due to an ability, which then resulted in him being transformed into a blood-sucking species and known as "Dracula" (吸血種 (ドラキュリア), Dorakyuria?).

Eight years ago, Stoker became known as one of the "ten calamities to destroy mankind". At some point, he encountered and clashed with Fukuchi, resulting to the latter severing his lower body.[1]


Decay of Angels Arc

Stoker commanded by Fukuchi.

He is brought by Fukuchi, contained in a coffin, after Ryunosuke Akutagawa's death from their battle at the ship. After waking up, he asks Fukuchi how long has he been sleeping to which Fukuchi replies that it's been only two weeks. Just as he was about to go back to sleep, he is stopped by Fukuchi saying that the next time he wakes up, he will be busy. Stoker replies that he doesn't know about it and tells Fukuchi that he is a being that sleeps much and recites that the insolent ones must be cursed. However, he is suddenly pulled up by Fukuchi, revealing that he has no lower body and only a sword is attached to him.

Stoker about to bite Akutagawa.

Fukuchi then cuts their conversation and tells Stoker that he even prepared a meal for him as a sign that they are comrades. Hearing this, Stoker glances at Akutagawa's body, but he declines. He tells Fukuchi that, eight years ago, he was dubbed as a calamity and for this, he no longer wants to add to his kin and will no longer drink his blood. He then further tells Fukuchi that if he wants to burn the world, he should do it himself instead. Stoker is then told by Fukuchi that as you age, you start to use people. Stoker is seen struggling after Fukuchi tighly holds the handle of the sword which can make Stoker's brain turn into ashes. Stoker then shows his fangs and proceeds to bite Akutagawa.[1]


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