Bungo Stray Dogs: 55 Minutes (文豪ストレイドッグス 55Minutes, Bungō Sutorei Doggusu 55Minutes) is the 4th light novel of the series.

The novel introduces new characters such as Jules Gabriel Verne and H.G. Wells, as well as the Colonel from France who is possibly linked to the Mimic incident.


The Armed Detective Agency's latest case brings them to a strange island off the coast of Yokohama called "Standard Island," but what awaits them turns out to be far more complicated than expected: a bomb, time travel, a mysterious skill user named H.G. Wells... Will this incident spell the end of Yokohama itself?!


The book opens with Yokohama immediately being destroyed. Buildings, streets, people, organizations, among other things, are obliterated as a maroon film covers the entire city. Everything within the blast radius is melted, turning into nothing more than ashes and a plasmatic substance.

Members of the Armed Detective Agency are summoned to a floating, man-made island off of the coast of Yokohama, Standard Island. The attending members include Akiko Yosano, Doppo Kunikida, Kenji Miyazawa, Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, Naomi Tanizaki, and Atsushi Nakajima. While on the ferry to the island, Kunikida explains their mission: the Armed Detective Agency has been called to the island to apprehend a group of thieves. He also explains that Standard Island, is a creation of man, a floating city established by England, France, and Germany after the war.

The group arrives in the island, passing through a rigorous security checkpoint. Kunikida then passes out a silver coin to each and every member present, explaining that it will act as their IDs on the island. Soon after, a dreary-looking man arrives with a carriage. The man, while sighing heavily, states that he is the captain of the mechanical island: Captain Walston. He then takes Kunikida's explanation of the group's mission further: a group of thieves are planning to steal a rare type of food, the European white truffle. The Captain explains that Scotland Yard has found evidence stating that the group is comprised of only three members. The Armed Detective Agency becomes weary of Walston for his strange demeanor and use of seven detectives against a group of three, but continue with their mission regardless. Captain Walston then leads the Armed Detective Agency to a hotel on the island before departing.

After unpacking, Atsushi heads out into the town. He immediately hears citizens and tourists shouting about a thief who had snuck onto the island. He runs after the citizens, hoping to catch the thieves, but finds no one. Suddenly, a nearby trash can rattles. Atsushi, nervous, slowly takes the lid off of the trash can, ready for a fight. Inside is Dazai, who scares Atsushi. Dazai explains that he had snuck onto the island, as he had a separate mission, and needed to test his hypothesis.

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  • 55Minutes
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