This article is about the Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE Light Novel. For the film, see Bungo Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE (Film). For the manga, see Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE (Manga).

Bungo Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE (文豪ストレイドッグス DEAD APPLE (デッド アップル), Bungō Sutorei Doggusu Deddo Appuru?) is the light novel adaptation of the movie with the same name. It is written by Iwabatake Hiro and illustrated by Ganjii.


An unexplained spate of suicides by skill users worldwide has sent the Armed Detective Agency on a search for Tatsuhiko Shibusawa, a mysterious skill user who may be connected. Each incident occurs under the blanket of a thick fog...just like the one descending on Yokohama. Kyouka Izumi and Atsushi Nakajima are hot on Shibusawa's heels when they run into their enemy Ryuunosuke Akutagawa-but this time, the three share the same goal: Find Shibusawa and save Yokohama from certain destruction! Discover what lies beyond the eerie mist in this novelization of the hit anime film Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple!



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He is a member of the Armed Detective Agency.

He is a the Armed Detective Agency.

He is the president of the Armed Detective Agency and the one who ordered to investigate the


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