Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE Original Soundtrack is a 21-song album covering the music for the movie of Bungo Stray Dogs.

Song List

  1. Get Down
  2. Scarlet Sky (Piano Ver.)
  3. Dense Fog
  4. Dear Prince
  5. Chōshō (徴証, Evidence?)
  6. Akumu (悪霧, Bad Fog?)
  7. Silent Killer
  8. Fuyō (芙蓉, Confederate Rose?)
  9. Le Cheval Noir (The Black Horse)
  10. Rihan (離叛, Desolation?)
  11. Korekutaa (コレクタア, Collector?)
  12. Datō Subeki wa,, (打倒すべきは、、, What Should Be Overthrown,,?)
  13. Kichaku (帰着, Consequence?)
  14. Kokoro no Kizu (心の傷, Emotional Scars?)
  15. Mein Prinz (My Prince)
  16. The Door
  17. Dead Apple
  18. Wake Up Call
  19. Nestiio
  20. Yami no Naka kara (闇の中から, From the Darkness?)
  21. Ando (安堵, Peace?)

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