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Bungo Stray Dogs Gaiden: Ayatsuji Yukito VS Kyougoku Natsuhiko (文豪ストレイドッグス外伝 綾辻行人VS.京極夏彦, Bungō Sutorei Doggusu Gaiden Ayatsuji Yukito VS. Kyōgoku Natsuhiko?) is a spinoff novel of Bungo Stray Dogs written by Kafka Asagiri with illustrations by Oyoyo.

It tells the story of the "homicide detective" Ayatsuji Yukito and his assistant Mizuki Tsujimura as they try and solve a mysterious murder case at the request of the government. Their search eventually leads them to Yukito's old nemesis and public enemy Kyougoku Natsuhiko.[1]

Another Story recently received a manga adaptation, updated on Young Ace Up. The first chapter released 1 December, 2017.

A promotional PV for the novel can be found on Youtube.

Voice Cast for the PV: