Bungo Stray Dogs Volume 12 (文豪ストレイドッグス 12) is the 12th volume of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


There are only 48 hours left until the virus-type ability manifests Fukuzawa and Ougai, and the conflict between the agency and the mafia is intensifying. We also get to see Akutagawa vs. Kyouka and Chuya vs. Ranpo!


There's a cat that screams outside my house, but it does that for too long and every time I worry if it's able to breathe properly. It was silent when I screamed back for the same amount of time. I'm kind of feeling sorry.

—Kafka Asagiri

I was told the other day that whatever I write here never has any correlation with the work itself, but I think that you would be surprised if there was a big spoiler here.

—Sango Harukawa

Volume Illustration

The twelfth volume of the Bungou Stray Dogs manga features Ougai Mori, Chūya Nakahara, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Yukichi Fukuzawa, Ranpo Edogawa, Kyōka Izumi, and Atsushi on the cover.

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