Chapter 1
Chapter 01
Kanji 人生万事塞翁が虎
Rōmaji Jinsei Banji Saiou ga Tora
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Volume 1
Pages 54
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Losing a Tiger may be a Blessing in Disguise (Japanese:人生万事塞翁が虎, Jinsei Banji Saiou ga Tora) is the 1st chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.

Short Summary

Atsushi Nakajima rescues a man named Osamu Dazai, who tried to commit suicide by drowning in a river.  Dazai and his partner, Kunikida treat Atsushi to some bowls of chazuke as an apology while learning that Atsushi was kicked out of his orphanage. The two men introduce themselves as detectives who are looking for a tiger when Atsushi tries to excuse himself. The detectives grow suspicious and Atsushi confesses that he is being chased by the tiger and Dazai persuades him to help them capture it. 

Long Summary

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