Detective Boys is the 10th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi's kidnapping has been reported to the Agency, but they are busy with another case before the director tells them to drop it and focus on finding Atsushi. Ranpo had to be coaxed by the director to help. Meanwhile, Chuya Nakahara, Dazai's ex-partner, visits Dazai to ruin his plan and duel with him. Dazai reveals that he could have escaped all along. Tanizaki tracks down the company that owns the truck that Atsushi was kidnapped in, but discovers that all the employees were killed by Akutagawa. Ranpo is finally convinced to use Super Deduction to help with the case. He deduces that Atsushi is on a ship at sea, and it's sailing away. Kunikida rushes off to the Agency's boat at the port to go after it.


Atsushi bleeding after Rashomon's attack.

Atsushi wakes up in the truck, reaching his hand up as he realizes the truck is moving, hearing a sound he wonders what it is.

Tanizaki tells Kunikida that Atsushi has been kidnapped, Kunikida showing annoyance as the agency is busy with an earlier request to protect a ministry officer. Tanizaki tells Kunikida the details of Atsushi's kidnapping, Kunikida becoming frustrated as the people who'd taken Atsushi to have numerous trafficking routes making it difficult for them to track Atsushi down. Tanizaki says they need to save him to which Ranpo interrupts, asking why it's necessary. Kunikida and Tanizaki give Ranpo a surprised look and Ranpo explains that Atsushi getting kidnapped is a personal problem and that they aren't his personal bodyguards. Tanizaki argues that Atsushi is apart of the agency, but Kunikida agrees with Ranpo, saying they shouldn't do anything. Overhearing their conversation, Naomi furrowed her eyebrows. Ranpo suggests calling the police, but Kunikida says that because of Atsushi's bounty, calling the police would just make it public that Atsushi is with the agency, damaging their reputation. Tanizaki says they can come up with an explanation when a voice interrupts them.

Fukuzawa intervenes after Atsushi's abduction.

Naomi walks into the room, telling the three that they should stop talking about the ifs, and, or buts, and instead listen to this person, gesturing to Fukuzawa beside her The three of them flinch and Kunikida bows down, apologizing and saying he'll start investigating once his work is done. Fukuzawa interrupts him, making an announcement to everyone that they must save Atsushi and drop everything until he is safely returned. Kunikida asks what they should do about the request to protect the ministry officer and Fukuzawa says hell handle the explanation. Ranpo asks Fukuzawa if what he is doing is reasonable, and Fukuzawa says that their companion is in danger and there isn't anything more reasonable. Ranpo pouts and Fukuzawa announces that they must bring Atsushi back in 3 hours.

Chuya approaches Dazai.

Dazai stands bored, chains onto the wall as he yawns. Dazai thinks to himself and glances to his shackled wrists him a voice mocks him, Dazai recognizes the voice, flinching and looking over to the voice's owner, Chūya Nakahara, a Port Mafia executive. Chuuya comments on what a great view Dazai being held captive is, Dazai cursing under his breath with a cringed yet horrified expression. Chuuya is amused by Dazai's reaction, cracking his knuckles as he says just how happy he'll be to strangle him. Dazai mocks Chuuya's height, going on to ask why he got such an embarrassing hat to wear. Chuuya replies that Dazai is weirder, and asks if he still talks about suicide. Dazai plainly confirms and Chuuya says he should at least try and deny it. Chuuya smirks and says that Dazai has become nothing but a pathetic prisoner, grabbing Dazai's head and pulling him closer to his face and saying that it's almost too easy and suspicious.

Chuya destroys Dazai's shackles.

Chuuya says he can fool Akutagawa, but not him, as he was his former partner. Chuuya asks what Dazai is up to, Dazai saying he's just awaiting his execution. Chuuya says that he would've killed Dazai a long time ago if Dazai really was as careless as he was painting himself to be. Dazai says he's being paranoid, and his hair will fall out if he keeps fretting so much, about to ask Chuuya a question when Chuuya takes off his hat and says he's not trying to hide a bald patch. Dazai asks why Chuuya is here, and Chuuya says he's here to spite him. Chuuya suddenly kicks the wall above Dazai, snapping the shackle's link's, Dazai looking back to the large crater in the wall Chuuya has created. Chuuya points to Dazai, saying he has no idea what he's planning, but he wants to fight him and foil his plan by ending his life. Dazai interrupts Chuuya, snapping his fingers as the remaining part of the shackles breaks off his wrists. Dazai asks if Chuuya's joking, revealing a bobby pin in his hand. Chuuya realizes Dazai could've escaped anytime, saying this is much more interesting as he charges at Dazai.

Tanizaki on stand by.

Ranpo leans back in his lean lazily, Kunikida barking orders to all the other members. Ranpo asks Kenji to find him a murder case, Kenji says that he'll do so but it'll displease the president. Ranpo gives up and tells Kenji to forget about his request. The agency sits in a meeting room, Kunikida standing in front of a board with papers on it. Kunikida pulls out a picture of the truck Atsushi was taken in, Fukuzawa says the vehicle is very common, and Kunikida says that the license is also fake, despite this not many people are in the forgery business in Yokohama. Kunikida recalls Kenji's investigation that allowed the agency to narrow down the owner of the truck to Karma transit. Kunikida tells Fukuzawa that they've already got Tanizaki on the scene, hiding in a nearby building in a call with Kunikida on the phone. Tanizaki tells Kunikida he's ready to infiltrate, Kunikida asking Tanizaki how the scene looks. Tanizaki says that it's oddly quiet and he can't sense any presence, Tanizaki has a realization and quickly burst into the building. Tanizaki flinches, telling Kunikida that the Port Mafia got ahead of them, Kunikida asks what's the problem and Tanizaki says they've been silenced, the entire room covered in blood and scattered dead bodies. Recognizing it was Akutagawa's doing, Dr. Yosano asks how they should find Atsushi fi their lead was now gone.

Ranpo deduces Atsushi's whereabouts.

Fukuzawa picks up the evidence, walking over to Ranpo and popping the files down, saying it's his turn. Ranpo glares at the evidence and asks him if can pass. Kunikida pleads with Ranpo and Fukuzawa says he'll give Ranpo something in return for saving Atsushi, Ranpo asks if he'll give him a special reward or a promotion, brushing those off and saying he doesn't need him. Fukuzawa says he'll instead praise him, Ranpo being shocked and suddenly smiling. Shipping out his glasses and saying if Fukuzawa will go so far then he can't refuse. Ranpo uses his ability, Ultra Deduction, placing his finger on the map, revealing Atsushi's location is in the sea. Ranpo says that Atsushi is alive on a ship, Kunikida says that if he's transported out of the country they'll be unable to save him.

Fukuzawa throws a pair of keys to Kunikida, saying that they have a small speed boat at the port. Kunikida grabs the keys, dashing out of the agency.

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