Back in the Day... (在りし日の…, Arishi Hi no...?) is the 11th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.



Dazai punches Chuya

Chuya starts to attack Dazai but Dazai manages to grab Chuya's arm and punches him at the stomach. Chuya then insults what kind of punch it is and slams Dazai on the wall and describes that Dazai's punch is weaker than a massage. Chuya then further describes that his combat skills have been always been below average in the Port Mafia and his ability is troublesome but it won't do any good in their current situation. Dazai then stands up and tells that he thought the arm he used to block Chuya's attack would be broken and exclaims that he had been Chuya's partner so he knows all his moves and attacks like the back of his hand and claims that that is what a partner is.

Chuya threatens Dazai

Chuya becomes irritated by Dazai's statement and tries to attack Dazai again. While he begins his attack, he tells Dazai that he should be able to predict his attack but fails and Dazai gets punched on the face. Chuya then lands another punch on Dazai's stomach and restrains him on his neck. He then pulls a dagger and puts it close to Dazai's neck and asks the reason why Dazai let himself be captured and the reason he is waiting in that place. Dazai doesn't respond. Chuya then gets the dagger closer to Dazai's skin. Dazai then replies that the reason is that it's for Atsushi. Chuya then lets go of Dazai and mocks Dazai as unfortunate since he was captured six months later he left Port Mafia.

Dazai reveals information about a conference.

Dazai then lets out a chuckle and reveals to Chuya that there will be a five-boss conference the next day. Unaware of this news, Chuya cannot believe it since it is only held every few years only if there are internal issues to be decided. Dazai then reveals that he sent a letter to the higher-ups and made a bet to Chuya that he won't kill him. Chuya then asks about the letter to which Dazai responds that it contains the message "All thy secrets shall be brought to light on the occasion of Dazai's death." Dazai then reveals that if the authorities got hold of the Port Mafia's secrets, the mafia executives will die a hundred deaths. Chuya then claims that the Port Mafia won't be threatened that easily and tells that it will be executed for Dazai, Dazai then responds that it's to be decided in an executive meeting and it is treason to punish him without authorization.

Chuya then tells Dazai if he kills him, Dazai will rejoice. Dazai then agrees and teases Chuya. Chuya then realizes that Dazai's second objective is to force him into his worst dilemma. Dazai then tells Chuya that since his shackles are off, he will be suspected of assisting his escape and makes a deal to tell that the Armed Detective Agency got him out. As an exchange, Chuya reveals to Dazai that Akutagawa is in charge of Atsushi and tells him that there are records in the archives. Chuya then leaves and tells Dazai to also leave. Dazai then tells him that his dream suicide is to be with a beautiful lady. Chuya then tells him to find a lady.

Kyoka points a gun at Akutagawa.

Atsushi wakes up and sees himself inside a truck. Kyōka opens the truck door. Atsushi then stands up, just as he is about to get outside the truck, he is pulled out by Akutagawa's Rashomon and slams him. Akutagawa then pierces through Atsushi's body. Akutagawa then reveals that they are at a trafficking ship but they have reserved it especially that day. Akutagawa then pins down Atsushi and tells him that even though he doesn't know his resolve, weakling doesn't deserve to determine their own fate. Akutagawa then furthers shows his animosity towards Atsushi. Kyōka then suddenly appears behind with a gun in her hand pointed at Akutagawa. Kyōka then instructs Akutagawa to let Atsushi go however Akutagawa manages to grab her and strangle her. Kunikida then arrives near the ship. Kyōka then tells Atsushi to run and pulls out a detonator switch which made an explosion. Kyōka tells Atsushi to run while Kunikida also telling him to leave the ship since it will sink.

Atsushi saves Kyoka from Akutagawa

Atsushi proceeds to run towards Kunikida. But then he stops and thinks over. Kunikida then urges him to leave Kyōka saying that she can't be saved and he can't save every single good person in the world since he tried and failed so many times. Atsushi then asks if she really can't be saved to which Kunikida replies that they are not superheroes. Atsushi then recalls his time with Kyōka and tells Kunikida that neither the agency nor Dazai have forsaken him and proceeds to tell that he will save her and goes back to the ship.

Akutagawa still strangles Kyōka and just as he was about to attack Kyōka, Atsushi saves him. Atsushi then tells Akutagawa to settle things between them once and for all.

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  • The title is a reference to Chūya Nakahara's Poems of Days Past.

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