The Rupturous Detective Agency (有頂天探偵社, Uchōten Tantei-sha?) is the 13th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Ranpo arrives at the agency with candies.

Atsushi arrives at the agency office worried about Kyōka if she will be forgiven by the agency for killing 35 people, only to find out that the people at the agency are very fond of her, including dressing her up. Atsushi asks Tanizaki what is going on and would it be a problem since Ranpo is more strict when it comes to order. Tanizaki replies that Ranpo is the most excited among the agency members when it comes to Kyoka. Atsushi mumbles on why Kyoka is at the agency office. Unaware of the president's presence, Fukuzawa replies that he is the one who called her.

Kyoka asks Fukuzawa to her stay at the agency.

Kunikida then reports to Fukuzawa that police teams are already on her case and thanks to the Port Mafia cover-up, she is not positively identified yet. Kyoka then approaches Fukuzawa and asks him to let her stay in the agency. However, Kunikida refuses since it will be dangerous. Atsushi also agrees and tells Kyoka that the Port Mafia might find her and it's best for her to flee somewhere else. Kyoka replies that she wants to prove herself even though Akutagawa told her that she is only capable of murder. Hearing her reply, Atsushi begs in her stead and asks Fukuzawa to let Kyoka stay. Fukuzawa stares at Kyoka and eventually decides to hire her. He leaves Kyoka in Atsushi's care.

Kyoka and Fukuzawa.

Minoura and her subordinate arrive at the agency office to deliver the papers requested by the agency. Minoura notices Kyoka and asks if she is with the agency since there is a report of a similar-looking young girl who's an orphan and now is an assassin. Minoura approaches her and asks where her parents are and her I.D. Atsushi, panicking, replies an absurd reply. Fukuzawa butted in and tells Minoura that Kyoka is her granddaughter. Minoura then stares at both of them and realizes they are look-alike and apologizes. Minoura and her subordinate then leave.

After the police leave, Kenji says that the metropolitan police sure is busy. Kunikida then asks him if the police in his hometown are idle. Kenji replies that they know everyone in their village and the only job of the police is repairing well pumps or rescuing cats from chimneys and tasting the first harvest of watermelon of the year. Kunikida asks what do they do if someone committed a crime to which Kenji replies that they tie them up and toss them off a cliff. He also tells them that he doesn't understand the concept of money.

Atsushi and Kenji investigating a case.

Kunikida then asks Kenji the papers forwarded to him by the Metropolitan Police. Kenji says it's a new work in which a car exploded out of nowhere. Kunikida then gives the job to Atsushi. Kenji and Atsushi arrive at the crime scene to which Atsushi replies that maybe he cannot do it. Kenji then advises them to gather information about the incident. While gathering information, they were approached by Kenji's friend. Kenji then asks the man if he knew anything about the car explosion. The man replies that he heard some rumors that there are guys buying nitrogen fertilizers in the back alley.

Kenji uses his ability to defeat the gang members.

They then go to the hiding place of the gang members to ask themselves if they are involved in the recent car explosion to which Atsushi replies that it's a dangerous idea and they are not sure if they will tell them. Kenji replies that as long as you put your heart into it, they will reply. Back at the agency, Kunikida arrives back from buying eggs and was surprised that Atsushi is with Kenji and not Tanizaki. Kenji and Atsushi both arrive at the gang hideout. Kenji asks them if they are involved in the car explosion to which the gang members reply they are not. Kenji then bids goodbye.

Going back to the agency, they are cornered by the gang members Kenji asked before. The gang members followed them thinking that Kenji and Atsushi knew they were the culprits since they left early. Kenji then suddenly thanked them for telling him the truth. The gang members were shocked. Kenji was then hit by a baseball bat of a gang member. Atsushi witnessed the event did not know what to do. Just as he was about to be attacked, Kenji stands up and grabs a car and lifts it, throwing it to the gang members. Kenji then defeats the gang members. Atsushi calls back to Kunikida and was shocked to which Kunikida replies that Kenji has superhuman strength and he can only manifest it when he is hungry and sleeps when he is full.

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