An Unsuitable Occupation for Her (彼女には向かない職業, Kanojo ni wa Mukanai Shokugyō?) is the 14th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Akutagawa hospitalized after fighting Atsushi.

After the ship Atsushi was kidnapped on sank, Higuchi set out on a boat to find Akutagawa. He had suffered many injuries from his fight with Atsushi and is currently in a coma. Higuchi is called by the Port Mafia [[boss. Higuchi apologizes to the boss for the failure. However, the Mafia boss isn't very sympathetic to the situation, saying that it's the result of the failure. He informs Higuchi that the shipping company Akutagawa massacred has reformed and is looking for revenge. The Port Mafia boss then tells Higuchi that mafia uses violence as a currency to engage in economic activity, being able to kill anyone how they like then Akutagawa being a liability for retaliating against it. Higuchi then answers that Akutagawa has achieved so much. The Port Mafia boss agrees and returns the question if the job actually suits her.

Gin sneaks behind Higuchi.

While in the bathroom, Higuchi is sneaked upon by Black Lizard Gin, Tachihara then tells Higuchi that Gin has always been given assassination jobs of countless fellow monsters and if the attack was real, she will have no time to be shocked. Higuchi then asks if the boss is trying to kill her. Hirotsu says no but tells her to be cautious of assassin, and that they don't obey her because of her rank, but out of fear and respect for Akutagawa. Hirotsu then asks if there is something that Higuchi wants for them to do.

Higuchi visits the comatose Akutagawa and reminisces the time where she offers to help Akutagawa in a mission only to be rejected and be scolded that he doesn't need anyone or someone's help.

Higuchi after Tachihara tried to stop her.

At home, Higuchi receives an alert that the shipping company has kidnapped Akutagawa. Higuchi rushes over to the site, however, she was stopped by Hirotsu saying to reconsider her actions since it is against the boss's wishes. Tachihara also describes her actions to be suicide and tells her that Karma Transit is loaded with heavy weapons and wait until the boss is gonna order a recovery mission. However, Higuchi glares at Tachihara and tells him that the order will not come and says that Akutagawa has been made as a sacrifice. Tachihara then asks her what can she do by herself in which Higuchi responds that she cannot do anything by herself but she just can't stand by and do nothing.

Akutagawa apologizes to Higuchi.

Without hesitating, she went to the building. While running, she ponders the thought that the job is not suitable for her and no one respected her, and leaving the mafia has been done and it's not impossible however she cannot go through with it. Nervous, she storms the building and ambushes them, but was shot in the leg in the process. At the last moment, Black Lizard shows up to help her out. The Black Lizard together with other attack forces successfully kills all the members of the Karma Transit.

After the battle, she visits Akutagawa and wipes his blood on the face. Akutagawa reaches out his hand to Higuchi and apologizes to her. Higuchi holds his hand and tells him that she is just doing his job. The reason for Higuchi for not being able to leave the Mafia is because of Akutagawa.

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