Constantly Pushed to the Past, Part 1 (たえまなく過去へ押し戻されながら(前編), Taemanaku Kako he Oshimodosare Nagara (Zenpen)?) is the 15th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi greeted by Kyoka at the dorm.

Atsushi wakes up in the agency dormitory and smelled something good only to find out that Kyōka is in the room and made him food. At the agency, Atsushi approaches Dazai saying that he is not aware that Kyoka will be staying in his room. Dazai then tells him that half of the rent will be paid by Kyoka and she already agreed to it since they are out of rooms. Dazai then whispers that it is dangerous for Kyoka to live alone and it is Atsushi's big job to protect her. Atsushi then accepts the offer. Kunikida then approaches Dazai to ask him about the Port Mafia ordeal. Dazai tells Atsushi that the ones hunting him are the Guild, a group of North American ability users with a tremendous amount of capital. Kunikida then wonders why would a group like the Guild want Atsushi. Dazai then replies that they need to ask them themselves to find out although an appointment will be tough to obtain.

Fitzgerald arrives at Yokohama.

Just then, Tanizaki came rushing to the door. A helicopter sets foot on the street near the building. The leader of the Guild, Fitzgerald, shows up with two of the Guild members. Fitzgerald then meets with Fukuzawa. Fukuzawa then asks Fitzgerald the reason for him coming to Yokohama from a faraway land. He then offers him money in exchange for buying the company. Fukuzawa was shocked by the statement. However, Fitzgerald clarifies that he can purchase any building in the area and he has no interest in the structure or people working in the agency, he then says that he wants to buy their license to operate a company using abilities. However, Fukuzawa refuses and says that money can't buy everything. Fitzgerald then responds that no company can function with its employees gone. Fitzgerald threatens that the Agency members will disappear if he doesn't agree and leaves.

Lucy transports Tanizaki, Atsushi and others to Anne's Room.

The next day, the news was reported that a building housing the offices of the Port Mafia has vanished and it's discovered that Kenji has gone missing after escorting the Guild. Kunikida then orders Atsushi and Tanizaki to find Kenji. Naomi insists on tagging along since it will be also dangerous in the office. While roaming the streets, Naomi suddenly disappeared. Tanizaki then panicked and finds a suspicious person and reaches out to her. In one blink, they get trapped in a strange room created by Guild member Lucy Maud Montgomery using her Anne of Abyssal Red. Lucy then introduces herself. Tanizaki then asks the location of Naomi and learns that she is locked up together with Kenji and cannot open without a key. She also says that the white door can be open without a key and leads to the outside world.

Lucy shows Anne.

Lucy then shows Anne and tells her that she loves to play. Upon seeing her, most of the civilians trapped along with the Agency flee through that door, but Atsushi, Tanizaki, and a man looking for a missing girl named Elise remain in order to find their missing companions. Lucy explains that if they manage to open the door their friends are trapped behind before a giant doll named Anne catches them, they'll win. Right after the game starts, Tanizaki is immediately caught by Anne and dragged through the door.

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  • The title refers to the final line in The Great Gatsby, a book written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.

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