The First Job (剏めての御使い, Hajimete no Otsukai?) is the 17th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Mori is standing and states the beauty of falling petals, a woman continues the statement and says that yet they never have a chance to drop if they remain mere buds.

Tanizaki and Naomi are at the agency dormitory eating when Tanizaki pulls out Kyōka interrogation records from the city police. Naomi then asks if she was an orphan before Port Mafia picked her up. The conversation switches to Kyōka's past. According to the police records, Kyouka was orphaned because her parents were murdered by someone.

Kyoka disables the power generator.

Kyōka is given her first mission by Atsushi, which is to deliver a piece of evidence to a judge. Atsushi then shows her the picture of the judge. Kyōka then says that she shall succeed. Atsushi asks if she is excited about her first job. Kyōka then shooks her head and reveals to Atsushi that her first job at the mafia was sneaking into a building and killing two people. They arrive at the courtroom however they were denied access because they don't have a permit and they need to fill out forms and wait for the approval. The word never got to the judge so they decided they needed to do something about the guard. Kyōka asks if to make him disappear the solution, she then shows Atsushi the method taught to her which is to use her feminine wiles to lure the target and to apply the blade to them.

They then saw the judge enter the premise however they were missed. Kyōka then taught of a plan and entered the restricted area. Kyōka is so eager to prove herself useful to the Agency that she overdoes it and accidentally used a stun gun on the judge.

Atsushi stabbed by Demon Snow.

Afterward, Atsushi cheers her up with a crepe and notices that she still has her cellphone, which while it has been programmed to stop receiving calls from the Mafia, is still a strange thing to keep. Kyōka tells him that the cellphone is precious to her. When Atsushi mentions the topic of using her Demon Snow for good, she completely rejects that idea. Just then, the phone suddenly rings, and a voice orders Demon Snow to cut down Atsushi. Atsushi was stabbed at the back, shocking Kyōka.

A woman reveals herself to be the owner of the voice behind the cellphone. The woman is Kōyō Ozaki, an executive of the Port Mafia with the ability Golden Demon who is here to take Kyōka back. Kōyō approaches Kyōka and asks her if she is in good health. Kyōka then became terrified. As she approaches Kyōka, she tells her that she worries about her being under the agency which she described as "putrid beasts" and steps on Atsushi. She tells Kyōka that she will help her.

Atsushi tries to attack Koyo but was attacked by Golden Demon.

Kyōka then asks her how was she able to voice over the phone. Kōyō replies that she simply went to the technician and slash him until he spits it out and tells Kyōka that she will protect her. Atsushi then angrily says that Kyōka will not go back to the mafia and her powers are to be used for the agency. Suddenly, Kōyō sheds a tear and believes that Kyouka is being lied to and will be exploited and that she belongs in the darkness rather than the light. As Atsushi is about to attack her, he's cut down by Kōyō's ability, Golden Demon, an ability similar to Kyōka's.

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