The Three-Way Battle (三社鼎立, Sansha Teiritsu?) is the 19th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Yosano about the treat Atsushi's injuries.

Atsushi wakes up in the infirmary confused on where he is. Yosano then appears with a chainsaw ready to give his his treatment. Kunikida, Atsushi and Kenji are then shown to be cured thanks to Yosano's ability. Fukuzawa asks how they are doing and leaves.

At the mafia, Elise is shown to be eating dessert while Mori tells her not to eat too much. Chūya then appears with a report saying that after the Guild attack, the agency have taken Kōyō away as a 'hostage'. Chūya then asks what they should do next, to which Mori says to kill the head of the agency. Chūya is shown to be shocked while Mori explains his reasoning that assassination is the best and they could hire an outsider to save them from trouble and then tells Chūya that he will arrange one.

Atsushi tries to attack Koyo at the infimary.

Back at the agency, Kōyō wakes up. Dazai and Atsushi are at her side. Dazai remarks that is has been a long time while. Kōyō states that the restrains are not enough to hold her to which Dazai replies the reason he is watching her. Kōyō repies to Dazai and agrees that it's been a while and smirks, to which she referred Dazai as "traitor". Kōyō then asks Atsushi how Kyōka is doing. Atsushi replies that she is missing thanks to Kōyō. Kōyō laughs and Atsushi activates his ability to attack Kōyō. Dazai stops him and says he'll deal with her. Atsushi then leaves. Dazai then asks Kōyō what the mafia is planning. Kouyou refuses to tell him and reminds Dazai that blabbing in the mafia is a death sentence. Dazai then recalls the time where Kōyō had a dedicated torturers under her and they couldn't get them to talk, and how Dazai helped them during those times. Dazai then tells her that not a single prisoner has never spilled everything under his interrogation. Dazai then locks the door and then the torture begins.

Fukuzawa against assassins.

Back to Fukuzawa, he and Kunikida begin to plan over the phone and instructs Kunikida for the agency members to go at the Bankoudou Hall. Fukuzawa turns around to be met by three assassins. The phone call with Kunikida was cut off to which Atsushi is worried about the president being attacked and panickingly asks Kunikida for them to rescue him. Kunikida then tells Atsushi to grab his hand, Kunikida flips Atsushi over in an instant and states that it is the first martial move he learned from him and never once, he win against him stating that Fukuzawa will not lose to some assassins. Fukuzawa of course wins and orders the assassins to tell their boss that he appreciate his prudence and next time, he should be alone the target. Hoever, if any of the agency members were hurt, he is going to come after their necks and twist them.

Three-way conflict declaration.

On a ship, Fitzgerald is practicing shooting while Steinbeck observes. Fitzgerald asks if there are any moves from the agency which Steinbeck replies that they have moved bases. Steinbeck then gives his report on the mafia and says that they are a of a higher threat than the agency. Steinbeck hands Fitzgerald a gun which he frowns at. He says that he worked for 2 whole years just to obtain the gun. He then went on to kill 4 more people, but now he owns the manufacturer of the gun belongs to him. Fitzgerald then goes on to say that he will definitely obtain Yokohama. At the agency, Fukuzawa decides to divide everyone into different teams. Back at the mafia, Chūya reports that their attack on Fukuzawa failed. Mori asks about the scandium markers they put on the assassins'arms which Fukuzawa touched. Chūya the tells him that they are picking a location to which Mori says that that is where the agency's hideout will be.The three bosses then say that they will definitely win the war.


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