A Single Lemon (檸檬一顆, Remon Ikka?) is the 20th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Margaret commanding at the S.S. Zelda.

Elise is coloring while Mori plays darts while planning their move against the Guild. Mori misses every single dart and Elise says that he sucks. Mori then steals one of her crayons and begins to write a letter to the Guild. On a ship, Margaret is seen to be giving orders, while Hawthorne sits and reads the Bible. Margaret glares at him, to which Hawthorne tells her to stop bothering him. Margaret gets annoyed and uses her ability to rip apart his book. Margaret asks him if he has forgotten their purpose on the ship which is to make the S.S. Zelda safe to which Hawthorne retorts that she is the one who has forgotten. Hawthorne then speaks about his holy mission to pass judgment on those who have sinned. He then speaks the words "Let the enemy come in, in all their many numbers. They will compensate for their heinous acts with their very lives."

Hawthorne attacks Motojiro

The two begin to glare at each other before they are interrupted by one of their subordinates that they found a letter in the cargo. Hawthorne snatches the letter which turns out to be from Mori. In the letter states Mori's intentions which includes eliminating the Guild's luxury liner and the lives of Hawthorne and Margaret. After reading the letter Hawthorne asks his subordinates when they will be finished loading the cargo. He then tells them to get it done in 30 minutes. Margaret and Hawthorne begin to argue when they get interrupted once again by a suspicious man. It turns out to be Motojirō Kajii. The Guild subordinate shows Kajii's bag full of lemons. Hawthorne then speaks to Kajii and tells him that he has seen his face in reports and telling that he is the bomber of the Port Mafia. Motojiro innocently replies to where he is. Hawthorne then further tells him his failed attack on the Armed Detective Agency to which Motojiro refutes that it was just an experiment. Hawthorne remarks that the mafia is a 'sloppy organization' and uses his ability on Kajii.

Motojiro dropping lemon-shaped bombs.

Hawthorne gets one of Motojiro's lemon-shaped bombs and describes it as riduculous since it takes no special skill to build a bomb and states that the Guild isn't being taken seriously. Hawthorne then throws one of Motojiro's lemon bombs at him, but to his surprise, he survives. Kajii then explains what his ability really is which is that the lemon bombs can't hurt him and begins to bomb the entire ship. Mitchell and Hawthorne then escape. Hawthorne tells Margaret that the letter is no prank and they still have two targets and enemies wil start charging on them. They decided to use an emergency exit to which they met James L. to which Mitchell exclaims that he is still alive. But it turns out to be a dummy, filled with lemon bombs and Hawthorne yells at her to watch out. Hawthorne then uses his ability to protect her.

Akutagawa attacks Hawthorne.

After succesfully protecting both of them from the bombs, they were approached by their subordinates and tells them that the enemy has set traps across their escape route and any worng moves can cost their life. Hawthorne then tells that they need to fend the enemy off and if he can block their enemy attack, then no ability user can defeat him no matter the number, to which reveals to be Mori's thoughts to what the Guild might be thinking. Out of nowhere, Margaret and the subordinates were stabbed, much to Hawthorne's shock. Hawthorne was then stabbed by Akutagawa.


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