Irmão and Diablo is the 21st chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Akutagawa stabs Hawthorne and he realizes that he is an assassin from the Port Mafia. Hawthorne asks for his name to which Akutagawa replies, "Diablo". Akutagawa attacks Hawthorne but is blocked by his ability. They both realize that their abilities are quite similar and then begin to have their battle. Suddenly, Mitchell wakes up and uses her weathering ability on Akutagawa, but only to be stabbed severely by him. All of a sudden, Akutagawa begins to choke up blood. Hawthorne realizes that it is not the doing of the Scarlet Letter. Akutagawa tells him to fight him or else him coming here would be a waste. Hawthorne agrees and the battle resumes. The thought of Dazai keeps Akutagawa pushing on forward and stabs Hawthorne. But Mitchell manages to survive and hugs Hawthorne to prevent him from getting stabbed. Hawthorne's eyes widen as they hit into the wall. Back at the Agency, on the security cameras, the enemy has arrived. Chuuya appears on the camera and then they go black.

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