The Brother and the Devil (助修士と黒悪魔, Jo Shūshi to Kuro Akuma?) is the 21st chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Hawthorne defends himself from Rashomo.

Akutagawa stabs Hawthorne and he realizes that he is an assassin from the Port Mafia. Hawthorne asks for his name to which Akutagawa replies, "Diablo". Akutagawa attacks Hawthorne but is blocked by his ability. The blood from Hawthorne's injuries start to turn into writings. Hawthorne then attacks Akutagawa. When both of them attack each other, they both realize that their abilities are quite similar and then begin to have their battle. Rashomon successfully injures Hawthorne's feet. Because of this, Hawthorne fell down on his knees to which Akutagawa asks if that is all what he got and orders Hawthorne to challenge him with all he got. However, Hawthorne replies that he does not need his full strength and the battle was already decided from the beginning.

Margaret stabbed with Rashomon for the 2nd time.

Suddenly, the blood on Akutagawa's coat became writings and surrounded Akutagawa. It restrained him. Hawthorne gets back up and tells Akutagawa that he is a soulless beast gnawing upon the flesh of the weak. Hawthorne then asks if Akutagawa has only fought will weak ability users before. Akutagawa replied in silence. Suddenly, Margaret wakes up and uses her material weathering ability on Akutagawa, which made Akutagawa's coat crumble. As Margaret struggles to stand up, she tells about that nobody cares about the war. She then turns to Akutagawa and loudly tells that she must reclaim her family's honor and she will not lose to him who knows nothing of defeat or humiliation. Akutagawa then mumbles and severely stabs Margaret in the air.

Akutagawa struggling with his wound.

After attacking Margaret, Akutagawa replies that defeat and humiliation is one with him and that he is a lone survivor left after all of his comrades have fallen. Just as Akutagawa as about to release himself from Hawthorne's restrains, Akutagawa begins to choke up the blood. Hawthorne realizes that it is not the doing of the Scarlet Letter. Akutagawa tells him to fight him or else him coming there would be a waste. Hawthorne then asks why he would do such things to which Akutagawa firmly replies that his hope lies in his credo and that someone's certain words have let him overcome his defeats. Hawthorne still wonders why would AKutagawa compel to these things and thinks it is his "faith" to someone.

Margaret shields Hawthorne from Rashomon.

Hawthorne agrees and the battle resumes. Hawthorne uses the blood from his finger to attack Akutagawa. Hawthorne keeps shooting attacks to Akutagawa. However, Hawthorne's neck was slashed by Rashomon. However, Hawthorne smirks and the blood from his neck turned into writings. Seeing this, Akutagawa summoned Rashomon Renmon-Agito and with the thought of Dazai, Akutagawa keeps pushing on forward and attacks Hawthorne. Just as Hawthorne was about to be attacked, Margaret shields and hugs Hawthorne to save him from Rahsomon. Hawthorne's eyes widen as they hit into the wall.

Back at the Bankoudou Hall, the agency members are monitoring the security cameras. Fukuzawa tells them that the place has no regular entrance, to reach it, one must travel along an abandoned rail tunnel. Suddenly, Chūya appears on the camera and the camera was shut off.



  • Ryunosuke Akutagawa vs. Nathaniel Hawthorne (debut)

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