The Strategy of Conflict is the 22nd chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Haruno is seen to be admiring her cat, Mii-chan on her laptop until Naomi interrupts. Just as Haruno is fumbling with the keyboard, they saw an article about "Explosion on Passenger Liner in Yokohama Commercial Port". Haruno then reveals to Naomi that it is a ship owned by a foreifn firm and they aren't even letting fire officials in the site since it is a private harbor. Haruno also tells Naomi that she looked it up and learned that vehicles and helicopters have been in and out of the harbor. Naomi thinks its'the Guild however Haruno says it's the ones that enjoys blowing things and is worries that the agency might be the next target. Naomi, on the other hand, worries for Tanizaki.

Yosano and Kenji faces Chuuya.

Back at the abandoned rail trail, Chūya is taking down the Agency's security cameras one by one. Fukuzawa then orders to launch the automatic interceptors however they were also destroyed by Chūya. Chūya then looks at the security camera and taunts the agency and tells them to bring someone out to him, and so Yosano and Kenji came out. Chūya is disappointed that the agency only let two members face him. Yosano then replies that the agency has a rule of no "walk-ins" and if he doesn't like the welcome, bother anyone else. Chūya then asks if the Port Mafia needs an appointment to ransack an enemy's base to which Kenji replies himself a "no" answer. Yosano then agrees with Kenji and says that Chūya can blow this placeup however that is not his true intentions. Chūya is then shocked by what Yosano said. Yosano says that they are a "detective agency" and they know their customers.

Chuuya reveals to be the gravity manipulator to Yosano and Kenji.

Yosano then asks Chūya what the Mafia's true intentions are. Chūya asks where their leader to which Yosano shows the security camera. Chūya turns to the security camera and shows them a photograph of two members of the Guild; Steinbeck and Lovecraft telling that the two fell for their bait and it's the agency's chance to capture them. Fukuzawa thinks for a little while and admits that it is a good offer. Yosano also agrees it's a good offer but instead will make Chūya spill their scheme. Yosano then threatens Chūya while Kenji comes rushing towards him with a piece of train railing. Chūya dodges and comes rushing back towards Kenji punching him. Yosano then comes behind him to hit him, but Chūya dodges, hanging downwards from the wall. Yosano then realizes who he is, the gravity manipulator from the Port Mafia.

The Guild vs. Armed Detective Agency.

Fukuzawa speaks through the speaker to ask what the Mafia are planning to do. Fukuzawa indeed tells that the offer is good considering that if they could take down the two Guild elites, it lets them divide their forces without expending any effort however if only the offer ends there. Fukuzawa then orders Ranpo to lok through Chūya's statements. Ranpo sees through what Chūya says and understands everything. He then asks what did Chūya hook them with. Back at the countryside, Steinbeck and Lovecraft are on their way to the "bait" also knowing it is a trap to lure them however Steinbeck says it is rather tempting and they were told by Fitzgerald that if they will use their abilities, they can crush their target.

It turns out that the Mafia is using the Agency's clerks as bait to lure out the Guild. Fukuzawa then orders to contact Kunikida to tell haruno and Naomi to evacuate. Together with Tanizaki, the head out to save Haruno and Naomi.



  • Akiko Yosano and Kenji Miyazawa vs. Chūya Nakahara (debut)

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