Grapes of Wrath Ripened in the Eye Part 1 is the 23rd chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Haruno and Naomi are seen to be packing to immediately escape from Steinbeck and Lovecraft. But already they have caught up and there is no time. Naomi decides that they should escape by car. The two Guild members have already realized that they have been spotted by the Agency, therefore Steinbeck decides it's time to use his ability; the Grapes of Wrath. Using his ability, Steinbeck can already see where the Haruno and Naomi are headed. Naomi and Haruno's car is suddenly stopped by his ability. Steinbeck then begins to explain his ability. As expected, Naomi and Haruno glare at him. Steinbeck says that they have a tiny request, to which Naomi says that usually means 'dispose after use' by villains. Steinbeck says that the Guild is not a villainous organization, nor is he and explains his motive for even joining the Guild in the first place; his family. Naomi then tells him to let them go, to which Steinbeck responds by crushing the car even further. Suddenly, Lovecraft notices snow falling, but Kunikida appears and shoots him in the back. Tanizaki comes to the car to save Naomi and Haruno and explains that a train will come soon. Steinbeck and Kunikida then begin their battle of wits, but soon is stopped by Kunikida shooting Steinbeck and pinned down on the ground. Kunikida says that it is shameless that the Guild would commit kidnappings in a foreign land. Steinbeck then laughs and says that is a terrible way of putting it, and that the Guild isn't a charitable organization, they just do what has to be done. Lovecraft suddenly wakes up and Kunikida begins to shoot at him. But the bullets have no effect on him. Kunikida yells at Tanizaki to use Light Snow but is stopped by a wave of tentacles.

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