The Grapes of Wrath Ripen in His Eyes, Part 1 (眸ニ実レリ怒リノ葡萄(前編), Hitomi ni Minoreri Ikari no Budō (Zenpen)?) is the 23rd chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Steinbeck activates his ability.

Haruno and Naomi are seen to be packing to immediately escape from Steinbeck and Lovecraft. However, in the middle of escaping, they saw the Guild members have caught up. Haruno decides to use her car at the parking lot for them to escape however Naomi ponders about this decision Meanwhile, Steinbeck describes the lodge as a great place even fit for growing orchards. He then asks Lovecraft if he likes doing things the hard way to which Lovecraft replies that even breathing makes his skin crawl. Steinbeck agrees and pulls out a map and concludes that the only escape for the target is by car so he decides to ambush them at the parking lot. Steinbeck and Lovecraft waits outisde the door leading to the parking lost and summons his ability, waiting for them.

Haruno and Naomi caught by Steinbeck's ability.

However, Naomi and Haruno did not escape through the parking lot, instead they escape through the service entrance since she remembered that Dazai once said "If the enemy has such information as you, whoever outwits the other wins. If they know more than you, you lose no matter what". They arrived at an employee lot and decides to use an employee car. Haruno asks about the keys to which Naomi toss her a pair of key she stole from the maid the moment they arrived. The two of them escapes by car.Using his ability, Steinbeck can already see where Haruno and Naomi are headed. While driving, haruno asked Naomi how the Guild track them so fast. Naomi responds that they was foud via the mafia. Suddenly, Naomi and Haruno's car is suddenly stopped by Steinbeck's ability. The car was lift up in the air by giant vines. Just as they were about to crush, Steinbeck speaks and apologizes to the ladies.

Steinbeck explaining his ability to Naomi and Haruno.

Steinbeck then tells the two that he did not expect the two to get a slip on them. Steinbeck then begins to explain his ability and shows what it can do. As expected, Naomi and Haruno glare at him. Steinbeck says that they have a tiny favor, to which Naomi says that "favor" usually means 'dispose after use' by villains. Steinbeck says that the Guild is not a villainous organization, nor is he and explains his motive for even joining the Guild in the first place; his family. Naomi then tells him to let them go, to which Steinbeck responds by crushing the car even further. Steinbeck replies that he might have gave a wrong idea, and says that Guild missions can be harsh but they pay well and tells Naomi that if the Guild lets him go, his family will starve. He then glares and says that he doesn't care what will happen to Naomi and Haruno as long as it is for sister.

Lovecraft restrained Tanizaki and Kunikida.

Suddenly, Lovecraft notices snow falling, but Kunikida appears and shoots him in the back. Kunikida also shoots Steinbeck. Tanizaki comes to the car to save Naomi and Haruno and explains that a train will come soon. Haruno and Naomi successfully escapes from the car. Steinbeck and Kunikida then begin their battle of wits, but soon is stopped by Kunikida shooting Steinbeck and pinned down on the ground. Kunikida says that it is shameless that the Guild would commit kidnappings in a foreign land. Steinbeck then laughs and says that is a terrible way of putting it, and that the Guild isn't a charitable organization, they just do what has to be done. Lovecraft suddenly wakes up and Kunikida begins to shoot at him. But the bullets have no effect on him. Kunikida yells at Tanizaki to use Light Snow but is stopped by a wave of tentacles.



  • Doppo Kunikida and Jun'ichirō Tanizaki vs. John Steinbeck and Howard Phillips Lovecraft (debut)

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