Q is the 25th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Dazai laughs at Higuchi's delivered message to him. Higuchi tells Dazai that she looke over his records which discusses his ability and cruelty and tells Dazai that his blood is as dark as the mafia. Dazai brushes it off and says the cruelty as part of the procedure and people change over time. He then tells that Gin was used to be a small sweet girl before. Higuchi is shocked by what Dazai said and learned that Gin was a girl all along to which Gin blushes and tells them to change the subject in a soft voice.

Dazai after being told that Q was released.

Atsushi is seen waiting for Haruno and Naomi to arrive from the train. Haruno and Naomi finally arrive and explain to Atsushi on how shocked they were for the Guild to target the Agency's clerks. Atsushi reassures them and cheers them up saying that he will escort him to the office.Back with Dazai, he wonders why Mori would assign a personnel into a farce like this. Higuchi reveals that it is not a farce and tells Dazai it his for own safety. Higuchi reveals that Mori has released Q from confinement.

Q shows the razors on their body.

At the train station, Haruno and Naomi then introduce the young person, who turns out to be Q, whom they bumped into in the train. Q then bumps into Atsushi but turns around giving him a smile that instantly freezes Atsushi up. Q hums and shows their arm full of razors and wounds to Atsushi wile smiling. Q then lifts up the doll, which starts to laugh on its own. Back with Dazai, Dazai tells Higuchi to not be stupid and tells her that Q never discerns between friend and foe and destroys anything that lives. Higuchi then replies that the mafia will do anything to win the war. Dazai then tells that Q's ability is one of the most detestable ability which is to control minds.

Q explaining the curse to Atsushi.

Atsushi protects both Haruno and Naomi from Q. The doll then tear its face apart, meaning his mind-control ability is in action. Haruno then begins to choke Atsushi. Wanting to protect everyone, Atsushi then hits Haruno leaving her on the ground. Meanwhile, Q explains to Atsushi that one the curse of Q is invoked, the mind is afflicted by perilous visions and they attack those around them indiscriminately and the person only has the chance to inboke the curse once the doll is rent apart. Dazai then explains how Q's curse can be spotted and it looks like a bruise like someone grabbed them and tells Higuchi that if the entire gang stays alert, they sould still be in time. Dazai then clarifies to Higuchi that them going there is for his safety and quickly realizes something.

Dazai slaps Atsushi.

Naomi then comes behind Atsushi to attack him. Atsushi turns around and grabs Naomi by the neck. Dazai then rushes back and yells at Atsushi to look carefully. Atsushi realizes what he has done and is the one affected by the curse and drops Naomi. Atsushi stutters, shocked that he was the only one being fooled. Hallucinations of the orphanage director occurs to Atsushi. Atsushi then starts to cry and shout, running around and destroys things. Dazai then founds Q's doll and lifts it and nullifies its ability. Q is seen on another train calling Dazai's new friends weak, but saying it is fine since there will stil be fun in breaking Dazai. Q further tells Dazai that they will make him suffer for imprisoning them. Dazai then remembers the time when they sealed Q which cost many lives and tells Q that the next time they meet, there will be no sealing, instead he will pluck Q's heart out. The train passes by, while Atsushi is still numb from what has happened and begins to cry. Dazai then slaps Atsushi and tells him not feel sorry for himself and as long as he do, his life will be an unending nightmare. Dazai then gets up and tells that it's their time to strike back and time drag the government into the war.

Chapter Notes

  • Gin is revealed to be a girl.


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