Will of Tycoon (ウィル・オブ・タイクーン, Wiru Obu Taikūn?) is the 26th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Alcott, a strategist from the Guild, issues Fitzgerald another strategy proposal, though he remarks at how bulky the report is. Nevertheless, he decides to read it and asks her to walk with him. Alcott worries for his safety, but he assures her that their base is wherever he is.

Atsushi visits Kōyō confined in her room, much to Atsushi's confusion given that the door is unlocked. Kōyō describes that locks put in place by Dazai are invisible to naked eye. She then asks his purpose for visiting, guessing if he shall kill her, or if he ran away from the front lines after making a blunder. As he flinches at the latter, he reasons out that he merely wants to protect everyone, recalling the latest incident that involved his colleagues. Kōyō deems him as a troublemaker like all of Dazai's apprentices, on whom no one really expects much from. Atsushi then informs Kōyō that Dazai went out to negotiate with a government agent.

Dazai points a gun at Ango.

Meanwhile, Dazai meets with Ango Sakaguchi from the Special Division for Unusual Powers. Initially friendly towards him, Dazai grabs Ango's gun and points it at him, asking why Ango would have thought that he had forgiven him. Ango reminds Dazai that he was the one who cleaned his ledger and therefore still owes him. Dazai retracts his deed, indicating that Ango anticipated such action and thus explains his unloaded gun. Ango cuts to the chase, asking Dazai why he contacted him; Dazai invites Ango for a drive.

Kōyō realizes how the Agency must be planning to forge an alliance with the Special Division that shall become their advantage. Atsushi notices how she, a Port Mafia executive, seems unshaken with the possible alliance, though she then tells him if she should slice him up and report her findings to the boss. However, she refuses to do so due to a deal she made with Dazai: until he locates Kyōka, she must remain confined in the Agency. She explains that Kyōka shall soon commit a massacre; in case it happens, Kyōka shall never fulfill her wish to live in the world of daylight, a fate that has befallen Kōyō herself. In the end, she asks Atsushi to help Kyōka.

Lovecraft and Steinbeck released from their arrest.

During their drive, Dazai informs Ango about the existence of the Guild and their involvement in the recent events. Ango confesses that the government knows about them, albeit deliberately turning a blind eye on the organization. He enlightens Dazai that the Guild is a secret society where each member holds senior positions in the government and in major corporations. Indeed, at the same time, Steinbeck and Lovecraft are freed from their arrest due to their diplomat-level authority and extra-territorial rights.

Ango explains how the Special Division cannot make any rash moves to maintain the power between organizations, reason why even their conversation is possibly being monitored. Suddenly stopping their vehicle, Ango instructs Dazai to run and to warn his comrades. Before he could finish his statement, an approaching vehicle crashes into them.

After overwhelming Atsushi, Fitzgerald asks the boy to come with him.

While Atsushi waits for Dazai, Fitzgerald approaches him and describes how boredom is such a great enemy even for someone with money and subordinates. Atsushi immediately lands a punch on him, but the man blocks him with relative ease. He strengthens his resolves so that, if he could defeat Fitzgerald himself, the war will be over. Atsushi kicks him, but Fitzgerald continues to overpower him and kicks him back with immense power. With Atsushi cornered, Fitzgerald asks the weretiger to come with him.

Kyōka attacks Fitzgerald.

As Atsushi broods at how he has yet again caused trouble, Kyōka arrives and introduces herself to Fitzgerald. As the latter recognizes her as a former mafia assassin, Kyōka instantly attacks him with her knife. Fitzgerald remarks how he keeps being welcomed with barbaric means, even by a young girl who suddenly attacks him. Kyōka merely grabs Atsushi and escapes with him from Fitzgerald. Seeing the two run away, Fitzgerald consults his notebook prepared by Alcott for the next course of action, which plainly advises him to do nothing.

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