Upon the Shattering Shores (砕け散りし海辺に, Kudake Chirishi Umibe ni?) is the 27th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi and Kyōka on the run.

Atsushi and Kyōka continue their escape. Instead of worrying for his own injuries, Atsushi voices his concern towards Kyōka, who claims to have been wandering around back alleys and ghettos where she used to stay before. Nevertheless, she asks for his cooperation to deal with the Guild members pursuing them. As a start, she has already contacted the police around the scene after filing a false report, so the Guild would not be able to launch a rash attack in the midst of the police.

Atsushi recalls Kōyō's warning to him about Kyōka's potential massacre, asking for his help to break the girl free from the dark talent that is ensnared within her soul. He asks Kyōka why she returned, to which she responds that the Agency is the only place where she now belongs, hence making her determined to fight for the thing where she can become someone, even if it means tapping into the monstrosity that lies inside her.

Kyōka then aids Atsushi towards the police and asks for their help. As they see the wounded young man, the police officer anxiously remarks about the recent strange vibe within Yokohama due to the conflict between organizations, the explosion of a foreign vessel, and the young murderer on the run. Meanwhile, Fitzgerald commends Alcott's perfect plan as always.

Kyōka attacks the police officer.

The police officer is informed by their headquarters that a 14-year-old girl is currently on the loose within the area, standing barely five feet tall and clad in traditional garb. The police officer looks at Kyōka and suspiciously asks her age. Kyōka instantly slashes through the officer and prepares to slash the second officer, but Atsushi stops her and reprimands her actions. Afterwards, they run away from the scene.

As they escape, they are cornered by Fitzgerald himself and Herman Melville. Atsushi readies to assault the two, only to be hit by a Guild sniper from another building. Fitzgerald takes Atsushi and orders Melville to summon their new base of operations. Melville brings forth Moby Dick emerging from the water. Preparing to board the airship, Fitzgerald advises Kyōka that saving other people does not suit her. Melville activates the airship's stealth mode, leaving Kyōka to be arrested by the police for serial murder. She helplessly bids Atsushi farewell, pleading never to let her bathe in the light ever again.

Lovecraft shows his true form to Q.

A week later, Q wanders around Yokohama, wondering who they shall play with. They spot Lovecraft and asks him to play with them, which the Guild member tries to do through making "balloon art" with his tentacles. Q then proceeds to activate their ability, where a handprint appears on Lovecraft. As Q implores him to go insane, Lovecraft morphs into his monstrous form, much to Q's horror.

Hawthorne awakens in the infirmary following his battle with Akutagawa and is greeted by Fitzgerald. The latter informs him of Mitchell's grave injuries, causing Hawthorne to quip how she was foolish after shielding him with her body. Hawthorne recalls that Mitchell wished to regain her family's reputation, though Fitzgerald now claims that her dream has gone up in smoke. Hawthorne corrects him, stating that it is Fitzgerald who turned her dream into smoke. As he turns against Fitzgerald, Hawthorne leaves and vows to restore her honor himself.

Fitzgerald barges in Alcott's room and demands for the "emergency plan," which involves massive damage to Yokohama and its citizens. He angrily tells her that everything in the room belongs to him, be it the ship and even his own subordinates in the Guild. Regaining his composure, he promises never to let any of his comrades die: since he owns them, it is also his right to protect them. He instructs Alcott to inform the others to proceed with the plan instantly.

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