Even If My Head Be Mistaken (頭は間違うことがあっても, Atama wa Machigau Koto ga Atte mo?) is the 29th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Chūya leads the Port Mafia in defending the traffic network.

Fitzgerald orders his men to prepare the air-to-air cannon after Atsushi escaped the Moby Dick. While falling, Atsushi prepares his plan of bringing the doll to Dazai, who is most likely at the Agency office. As Atsushi notices the Port Mafia helping to pacify the chaotic streets of Yokohama and protect the traffic network from the cursed citizens, Twain prepares his ability to target Atsushi and later shoots him down with perfect aim.

Badly injured, Atsushi appears before him the tiger who attacks him, whom he allows to do so. Nearing to land, Atsushi thanks the tiger and eventually transforms into a tiger just as he falls down the ground, rendering him safe and protected from the impact. He then reverts to his human form and hurries to take the doll to Dazai. However, Twain continues to target and shoot him down. Atsushi outmaneuvers the attacks and sees the cursed population of Yokohama. He spots a crying infant about to fall down the stairs and saves him on time, leaving him at the hands of Tachihara nearby and rushes off.

Dazai approaches Atsushi.

As Twain gets serious, Atsushi notices some strange-looking objects lined on the ground. For the short time he diverted his attention on the road, he comes across a tanker truck, which Twain shoots to cause an explosion. As the weakened Atsushi reaches for the doll, Dazai arrives and touches the doll to nullify the curse, congratulating Atsushi in his victory. Atsushi warns Dazai from the aerial attacks, but Dazai triggers a smokescreen courtesy of the strange-looking objects from earlier, blocking the infrared sensors and radars from Twain's cannon. Realizing his defeat, Twain commends his enemy.

Taking Atsushi at a nearby spot, Dazai has wished to say how Yokohama is completely saved, but he tells Atsushi that Q is still in the enemy's hand and can still launch such destruction how many times they desire. With the Special Division for Unusual Powers frozen in power at the time, Atsushi recommends for the Agency to collaborate with the Port Mafia.

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  • "Even If My Head Be Mistaken" is actually a part of a quote by Atsushi Nakajima in "Light, Wind and Dreams" which goes: "Although the head may err, the blood will not be wrong."

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