Yokohama Gangster Paradise, Part 1 (ヨコハマ ギヤングスタア パラダヰス (前編), Yokohama Gyangusutaa Paradaisu (Zenpen)?) is the 3rd chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi gets his first case from a woman named Ichiyō Higuchi, who turns out to be from the Port Mafia working with Ryunosuke Akutagawa, an infamous Mafia member, in order to capture him and kill his colleagues.


Tanizaki apologizes to Atsushi.

Tanizaki apologizes to Atsushi for his behavior during the test, Atsushi tells him it's fine and Kunikida agrees, explaining it was just a job. Kunikida tells Atsushi tp uphold a good status for the agency and gestured for Dazai to agree. Dazai asks what the waitress would say if he asked her to strangle him, Kunikida yells at him to stop and Tanizaki introduces Naomi, a sales clerk at the agency. Atsushi is in disbelief that they're siblings, Naomi tells Atsushi that she and Tanizaki are very similar as she slips her hand under his shirt. Kunikida tells Atsushi to not push the subject. Atsushi asks what they did before working at the agency, and Dazai tells him it's a popular game at the agency. Atsushi guesses correctly on Tanizaki and Naomi being students, explaining that Naomi is wearing a uniform and Tanizaki seems his age as his reasoning.

Atsushi after hearing the prize.

Atsushi guesses Kunikida was a government official and Dazai says he was a math teacher, Kunikida seems displeased at the memory and Atsushi can easily believe such a thing. Dazai asks what Atsushi thinks Dazai was, and Atsushi is stumped. Kunikida says no one has been able to guess it correctly and it's named one of the seven wonders of the agency. Tanizaki adds that whoever guesses it correctly wins a prize, Kunikida says he guessed Dazai was a criminal, Atsushi asks that the prize is and Dazai says it's 700, 000 yen. Atsushi immediately throws many guesses, getting each of them wrong. Kunikida says he must've been unemployed or homeless, to which Dazai says he would never lie about this. Atsushi gives up and is made to pay the bill when Tanizaki gets a call on a request.

Dazai approaches the woman.

Back at the agency, a woman has given an investigation request when Dazai interrupts, grabbing her hand and asking her to commit a lovers' suicide with him. The woman is visibly startled when Kunikida smacks Dazai in the head, dragging his body into a separate room. The woman explains her request, saying there is a male that lingers behind her company's building speaking in a foreign language. Kunikida says it must be a smuggler, and that it's difficult for police to track down them as they are in a port city. The woman agrees, saying she needs evidence of the crime in order to get the police involved. Kunikida tells Tanizaki and Atsushi to go keep guard, to which Naomi says she's going to tag along. Kunikida gives Atsushi advice as he is a rookie, showing him a picture of a male with black hair. Kunikida says to run if he ever sees him, Atsushi asks who he is and Dazai and Kunikida say he is with the mafia. Named the Port Mafia's dog, Akutagawa, Kunikida explaining that he is extremely dangerous because he is an ability user, his ability specializes in slaughtering that even the police can't control. Kunikida says even he lost to Akutagawa in a fight.

Akutagawa kills the officers.

The scene cuts to male coughing as he enters a police station, claiming to have found a bag. The officers ask him to fill out a paper when one of them seems to recognize him as a male on the wanted list when he smirks and uses an ability against them. As he leaves the station, a woman enters to see the 2 officers brutally murdered. Nearby people come over to the scene and the woman points to the male who had left the station before her, about to point him out when the bag he'd handed in explodes. The male, Akutagawa, picks up a phone, asking for his next task.

As Dazai lays on a couch, headphones on his ears as he sings a song about double suicide. Kunikida grabs the headphones off Dazai and yells for him to get back to work, Dazai suddenly snatches the headphones back and says he's waiting for divine revelation.

Higuchi reveals herself to be a Port Mafia member.

Atsushi, Tanizaki, and Naomi walk through the city, Atsushi saying how scared he was of the mafia. Tanizaki assures him that he'll be fine with him as he's an ability user, Naomi gushes, saying how amazing of an ability he has when the woman says they've arrived at the smuggling location. They walk into the large alley, Tanizaki finding the situation odd, asking if they're in the correct location. The woman introduces herself as Higuchi, and Tanizaki says that the alley has a decade and without any escape routes and that smugglers are careful and wouldn't choose such a location. Higuchi agrees, tying her hair up into a ponytail as she reveals it was a trap and her target was them all along, putting a phone to her ear. Higuchi talks on the phone, telling Akutagawa they have them captured as planned. Tanizaki flinches at Akutagawa's name.

Akutagawa stands on a building, saying he'll be there in 5 minutes. Higuchi pulls out a gun, saying she'll kill them for the sake of their boss. Tanizaki says she's with the Port Mafia as he, Naomi, and Atsushi flinch and tense up before Higuchi begins shooting at them.

Chapter Notes

  • Kunikida is revealed to be a former math teacher.
  • Tanizaki and Naomi were both students.



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