The Silent Tower and the Raven's Feast (沈黙の塔、鴉の宴, Chinmoku no Tō, Karasu no Utage?) is the 30th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


While trying to feed a cat, Fukuzawa is approached by Atsushi. The following morning, Kunikida chides Dazai for his laziness that morning, who cannot even eat a banana. As Kunikida reminds him how he and Atsushi had recently saved Yokohama, Dazai reasons out that the President has just issued him his next mission. Kunikida recalls Atsushi's conversation with the President and asks Dazai if his next mission is about that, which Fukuzawa confirms as he arrives behind Kunikida.

Fukuzawa asks Dazai how his arrangement of the secret meeting with the Port Mafia is going, to which Dazai says is in progress. As they converse about the proposed meeting, Kunikida watches by in confusion and asks why Dazai is the one arranging the meeting. Dazai informs him that it is because he used to be in the mafia, much to Kunikida's shock being the only one who does not know about Dazai's former affiliation.

Kōyō delivers the letter to her boss.

Mori and Chūya visit their fallen comrades lost in the recent incident. As they acknowledge Dazai's helpful contribution to nullifying the curse, Kōyō returns from her confinement after being evicted by Dazai. As per the latter's request, Kōyō delivers an invitation to Mori from Fukuzawa.

Mori kills the former boss.

Eight years ago, Mori asked the erstwhile mafia boss about his condition, who instructed Mori to tell the executives for the purge of all who had defied the mafia. As Mori pointed out its unreasonableness, the boss nevertheless insisted to just kill them, regardless of how many men they had to dispose. Mori then slashed and killed him with his scalpel, afterwards naming a younger Dazai as the witness of how the boss died of illness after choosing Mori as his successor.

Back at the present, Dazai welcomes his former boss and his entourage. Mori asks him about the former coat he had given to Dazai, which the latter proudly says he had already burned long ago. Fukuzawa arrives, and the two bosses exchange brief pleasantries. Fukuzawa states his purpose, who wishes to propose an alliance with the mafia after an Agency newcomer has suggested such recommendation despite it being against the Agency's policy to ally with an illegal organization. Moreover, regardless of the outcome, Fukuzawa proposes for Mori to have a détente between their two organizations.

Before he could proceed with his reasons, Mori asks him whether he has read about Schelling, Nash, or Kissinger — academics who studied war strategies — though Fukuzawa says he had read about Sun Tzu. In any case, Mori tells him how no one is to sanction their two organizations should they violate an agreement. Moreover, he reasons out how impossible it is for both organizations to abide by the agreement perfectly. As Mori reminds Fukuzawa how his men have suffered at the hands of the Agency, Fukuzawa also states how his own comrades have also been targeted by the mafia in the past and put to trouble, though Mori claims how no Agency member died unlike in his case.

Mori vs. Fukuzawa.

With no party agreeing to the proposal, Fukuzawa suggests they settle their scores right there and then. Tachihara and Gin attempt to attack, but Fukuzawa instantly breaks their weapons. With Fukuzawa's katana in hand and Mori's preferred scalpel, the bosses arrive at a stalemate. At that moment, Fukuzawa dissipates, which turns out to be a solid projection by Tanizaki. They then conclude their meeting, with Fukuzawa asking Mori and the mafia to stay out of the Agency's way as they retrieve Q at night. Mori asks why he should agree, to which Fukuzawa tells him how they both love the city and must not let foreign ability users destroy it.

As the mafia leaves, Mori tells Dazai that his invitation for the latter to resume his mafia duties remains. Dazai reminds him how Mori chased him out of the mafia himself, but Mori recalls otherwise, remembering how Dazai left on his own volition. In the end, Dazai threateningly asks Mori if he is afraid that he shall soon kill him and take over as the boss like Mori once did to his predecessor. Dazai bids his farewell, saying how he is also against collaborating with the mafia.

Double Black reborn.

At night, Dazai arrives where Q is being held. Meanwhile, after Hirotsu informs Mori that their forces have mobilized, he tries to tell Mori that perhaps Dazai had understood his motive for killing his predecessor. Dazai is caught in a trap and cornered by Steinbeck, Lovecraft, and other Guild members. At the same time, Mori admits to Hirotsu how, despite what he said to the Agency earlier, striking an alliance with them is a logical solution. As a result, they have sent Chūya to aid Dazai, resurrecting the infamous "Double Black" who had once wiped out an entire organization in a single night.

As Chūya launches an assault to the Guild members, he clarifies to Dazai how he shall dispose of him after their battle, while Dazai finally understands why he has been feeling bad since morning. Steinbeck prepares to use his grapevines, but Dazai immediately nullifies it. Chūya then kicks Steinbeck, as Mori acknowledges that the united front against the Guild is the beginning of their counter-attack.

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  • The title "Silent Tower" is inspired by the work of Ogai Mori. A quote from the passage reads, "And so at the top of the silent tower, the ravens are feasting upon a banquet.

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