The Twin Darkness (双つの黒, Sōtsu no Kuro?) is the 31st chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Q and the doll found at the basement.

Dazai and Chūya are forced to work with each other to save Q and the doll—as Mori put it, a revival of the tandem Twin Dark, just for that night. The two then arrives at the basement to where Q is being restrained. WHile entering the cabin, Chūya tells Dazai when Dazai fled from the Port Mafia, he celebrated it by drinking a 1989 vintage, describing how sick Chūya is with Dazai. Dazai then tells Chūya that he also marked the occassion by placing a bomb in his car. They both then manages to find Q. Dazai asks for Chūya's knife to which he cannot find it since Dazai already snatched it from a while ago. Dazai then pointsthe knife to Q and glances at Dazai asking if he's not gonna stop him to which Chūya replies that Mori needs Q alive but when he sees Q, he cannot help but remember the deaths of his comrades caused by Q's curse telling Dazai to do it. However, Dazai just cuts the roots restraining Q.

Lovecraft's form.

After they managed to get Q and the doll, just as they were to leave the cabin, Lovecraft drags Chūya and slams him to the cabin's wall. Dazai was also hit by Lovecraft who received more than a light wound. Chūya approaches Dazai to which Dazai says he cannot nullify it and tells that Lovecraft's ability is not an ability. Chuya then tells Dazai that they have to deal with it the old fashoned way to which Dazai replies operation "Shame and Toad". Chūya replies that it's either "Rain pas the Lattice" or "Fake FLower's Lies". The two then started their operation.

Lovecraft's transformed body.

Chūya attacks Lovecraft, punshing through its body, causing Lovecraft's body to be pushed into gravity. Chūya then leaves Lovecraft believing it was over however Lovecraft gets back up and attacks Dazai's wounded arm. When they turned around, they found Lovecraft's body completely transformed into a big supernatural being. Chūya then approaches Dazai for the snapped arm to which Dazai teases Chūya that the arm that was snapped was only a prop. Chūya then asks how would they defeat Lovecraft to which Dazai replies that there is only one solution, to use Corruption. Dazai then it's up to Chūya to make a choice, however Chūya accepts in and begins to start his Corruption.

Chuya vs. Lovecraft.

Chūya then starts to recite the verses in order to activate Corruption. Meanwhile, Dazai threatens Steinbeck by restraining with a knife. He then tells Steinbeck about Chūya's corruption and asks if he knows Lovecraft's true form to which Steinbeck replies that if he knows, he wouldn't tell Dazai. Dazai then begins to worry about Chūya's body as it won't last that long. Steinbeck then tells that nothing can kill Lovecraft from the outside to which Dazai catch a clue that they should destroy it from the inside. Dazai then orders Chuya to attack it from the inside.

After the battle, Chuya was badly wounded and coughs blood. He also starts to uncontrollably attack his surroundings. Dazai then nullifies his ability and tells him to rest. He then blames Dazai for not stopping him sooner to which Dazai replies that he had fun watching. Chuya then tells Dazai that he used Corruption because he trusted him.

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