Poe and Ranpo (ポオと乱歩, Pō to Ranpo?) is the 32nd chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Poe welcomes his guests.

Ranpo was sent a challenge by the Guild; a "Deduction Game" invitation. Upon solving the puzzle by the door, Ranpo and Yosano walk into the next room where Edgar Allan Poe — a strategist of the Guild — is seated and awaiting their arrival. Poe speaks as if the two have known each other for a while and he wants to best Ranpo; however, Ranpo seems to not remember who Poe is.

Poe challenges Ranpo and Yosano to solve the mystery of a novel that he has in his possession. They strike a deal that if Ranpo wins, he shall reveal the Guild's weaknesses. After Poe did a little praising of Ranpo's ability, Ranpo finally agrees to solve the book's chain of murders. It is revealed to be a trap, and Poe's ability is revealed: the power to transport his readers into a novel's setting.

Yosano and Ranpo being transported to Poe's novel.

Ranpo and Yosano are thrown into the book's setting, the mansion of tragedy. A body is immediately discovered, and the conditions of the murder seem to be that of a locked room murder. Ranpo and Yosano cannot seem to activate their abilities in the novel. Ranpo does not want to investigate or question the other residents of the mansion because he'd rather use his ability. Yosano, however, holds an interrogation either way.

During the interrogation, Ranpo refutes many ideas given by the other residents of the mansion as to how the man was murdered. After this, Ranpo simply walks out. Yosano follows him and tries to talk about Ranpo's ability, but Ranpo stops Yosano mid-way — insisting that he has an ability and that abilities could not be used in the book world. Meanwhile, Poe is amused by their struggle — exclaiming that it is all for the sake of revenge.

Yosano places her trust in Ranpo to solve the case.

Yosano is determined to capture the killer and is seated in her room on her bed with an axe. While Yosano sits there awaiting the murder's move, Poe explains parts of his past. The murderer comes to kill Yosano, and both she and Ranpo are surprised. The other residents rush to Yosano's room. Yosano lays dying on the floor with the axe she was to use against the murderer buried in her torso. As her body goes limp, Ranpo takes her glasses and wears them himself.

Poe, in the real world, is laughing in triumph when both Ranpo and Yosano come back out of the book unharmed. He is caught off-guard, and Ranpo reveals the murderer in the story along with the tricks used in the narration and the setting of the novel. Ranpo reveals that he remembers Poe when he praises him for his improvement in writing. Poe is taken aback by this. Ranpo leaves mentioning that he looks forward to their next meeting. Poe is determined to get even better.

Meanwhile, as Ranpo and Yosano are walking back, Yosano mentions that Ranpo doesn't actually have an ability. Ranpo declines and insists he has an ability, telling her not to call him normal.

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  • On this chapter's cover, eight swords can be counted. The tarot card 8 of Swords represents imprisonment, entrapment, and self-victimization while upright, and self-acceptance, new perspectives and freedom while reversed.

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