A White Whale, into the Oceans of Heaven (天の海をゆく白鯨のありて, Ten no Umi wo Yuku Hakugei no Arite?) is the 33rd chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Lucy and Twain bicker while being tied together.

Atop a building, Akutagawa focuses his aim on a certain target for his mission. Meanwhile, Tanizaki informs Atsushi that Dazai and Ranpo are formulating an operational plan to take down the Guild. As the two throw ideas for the plan, they conclude on sending Atsushi to infiltrate their enemy. Meanwhile, Twain escorts Lucy to Steinbeck after she helped Atsushi escape Moby Dick, thereby committing an act of betrayal towards the Guild. Steinbeck then asks Alcott for their next course of action. Twain suggests for them to head to the karaoke, though Lucy declines and stomps his foot.

Dazai visits Ango in the hospital to inform him that the Dr. Yosano from the Agency has agreed to treat his injuries. In return, Dazai wishes for the Ango's help in rescuing a member of the Agency from her captivity before fighting the Guild. Ango says it is possible for the girl to be pardoned through a deal with the Special Division for Unusual Powers, as long as she is truly a member of the Agency. As Dazai takes his leave, Ango accepts their deal. He then asks Dazai as to why his airbag did not open after a vehicle rammed into them, but Dazai merely delivers a smirk.

Tanizaki introduces the Night Crow to Atsushi.

Tanizaki tells Atsushi that Kyōka is technically not yet a member of the Agency, since she has not yet passed an entrance exam like them. As Atsushi wonders if Kyōka is suitable for the Agency, he worries that her way of doing things borders on hurting others in order to escape or eliminate obstacles. They then arrive at the library, a stronghold of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are met by Ango's escort and dozens of agents, the former of which leads them towards the Night Crow that Tanizaki shall use to escort Atsushi to Moby Dick.

Atsushi recalls Dazai briefing him on his mission: a solo infiltration on the Guild's airship. Despite being haunted by a vision of the orphanage director telling him to reject the task, Atsushi strengthens his resolve and accepts the mission. Later, Tanizaki and Atsushi nervously aboard the Night Crow and approach the Moby Dick. Tanizaki then activates Light Snow and brings Atsushi to the Guild's airship to stealthily enter it. Meanwhile, Akutagawa also arrives at Moby Dick after infiltrating a cargo helicopter entering the airship.

Atsushi encounters Akutagawa.

With Dazai aiding Atsushi in his mission, the latter notices how the airship is almost empty. He then encounters Herman Melville, who informs him that everyone has already evacuated from Moby Dick as it prepares to descend upon Yokohama, specifically on the Agency's headquarters and the Port Mafia's base. Atsushi asks Dazai to abort the mission, but the latter instructs him to continue as planned. As he is the only one aboard the airship, Dazai asks him to stop the descent of Moby Dick with his own hands. Melville tells him that it can be stopped through a control terminal, which is being guarded by Fitzgerald himself. Dazai is later contacted by Mori, who tells him that, after receiving a report from his subordinates, the mafia could no longer keep their word. At Moby Dick, Atsushi and Akutagawa encounter each other, clashing immediately afterwards.

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