The Last Tycoon (最後の大君, Saigo no Taikun?) is the 34th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi and Akutagawa clash aboard the Moby Dick, showcasing their progressed powers since their previous fight. Atsushi tries to reason with Akutagawa in the midst of the impending crash of the airship into Yokohama, but to no avail. Per Dazai's instructions, Atsushi lends Akutagawa his communicator with Dazai on the other end of the line. Atsushi then tosses it away, with Akutagawa rushing towards it only for Dazai to have hanged up on him.

Atsushi arrives at Fitzgerald's office.

Fitzgerald talks with his wife Zelda, though he cuts their conversation short with Atsushi's arrival. Fitzgerald shares his first secret to success, which is to never let someone else do the most important job. He also informs Atsushi about Moby Dick weighing 29,000 tonnes that can decimate the heart of the city when it crashes from an altitude of 20,000 feet, much to Atsushi's rage.

Fitzgerald proceeds with his second secret to success, which is to never be affected by anyone's views. As he places the terminal control on a chair, he explains a game for both of them: he who gets the control first at the count of three wins. Atsushi becomes pressured initially but, thinking how he cannot trust the Guild, decides to take the terminal by the count of two. Despite his efforts, Fitzgerald easily kicks him away with immense power.

Fitzgerald activates his ability.

He continues with his third secret to success: humans are easier to predict when given a good opportunity. Seeing Atsushi stand up despite his earlier attack, Fitzgerald spends $100,000 for his ability, The Great Fitzgerald, which can convert his wealth into fighting strength. Launching his attack, Fitzgerald remarks how it has been quite some time ever since he last spent $100,000 for his ability. He informs the weretiger how his capture and the crash of Moby Dick are all according to plan all thanks to the Guild's strategist. Before Fitzgerald could break Atsushi's arms and legs for good, Akutagawa arrives at the scene.

Dazai contacts Kyōka and informs her about her release as granted by the Special Division for Unusual Powers, but Kyōka is uninterested. Dazai frankly tells her that, indeed, the Agency has no reason to save her, because she has not taken an entrance exam. Nonetheless, Dazai tells her that he shall not abide by such exam, disagreeing with the notion that people who have killed others have no right to be kind.

Fitzgerald attacks Akutagawa.

Akutagawa merely passes by Fitzgerald and insists for Atsushi to fight him. Akutagawa then voices out how he does not understand Atsushi himself, whose gaze is full of distrust in his own ability, yet he is fighting an impossible battle himself. Fitzgerald interjects their conversation, but Akutagawa stops him with Rashōmon and orders him to back off, telling him that he shall deal with him — the "dessert" — after he deals with Atsushi. As Fitzgerald requests the mafioso to switch his order, Akutagawa accepts his plea and fights him. Much to Akutagawa's shock, Rashōmon is easily withstood by Fitzgerald's bare hands.

As he spends $500,000 on Akutagawa, Fitzgerald shares his fourth secret to success: money, power, ability, and status are all powerful, but having them all is usually best. He then notices Atsushi missing, who later jumps on him from behind and tells him that power exists to help those struggling in during despair. Fitzgerald flips him easily, refuting his claim — money comes from taking from the weak, and power should be spent on more meaningful things. He also indicates his knowledge of Atsushi's past in the orphanage, making Akutagawa learn about him as well. With the airship descending, Akutagawa chuckles and uses his ability to escape with Atsushi.

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  • "The Last Tycoon" is an unfinished novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. It was published posthumously in 1914.

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